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Countdown to June Exam Boards 2019

Your checklist of Exam Board processes.

Please follow the timings for all listed tasks.

Enter assessment marksMarch onwards
Test programme rules in PorticoApril onwards 
Training on improved pre and post Exam Board process on PorticoMid May onwards 
Marks exchange deadline  10  June 
Calculate and process your marks / run progression and awardJune: before Exam Board  
Run new reports for presentation at your Board(s)  June: before Exam Board  
Attend Student Records Drop-ins if assistance requiredJune: before Exam Board  
Hold UG Boards of Examiners (and PGT Interim Boards)  13 – 21 June 
Confirm module results, interim results outcomes & progression By 28 June 
Online approval by Board Chairs & FacultiesBy 28 June
UCL Results Day   2 July

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