Student and Registry Services


Our approach to Prevent

We have adopted a proportionate and risk based approach to the Prevent Duty which covers welfare, events, training and partnerships.


Any concerns about a student, whatever their nature, go through the Student of Concern process. This process has been in place for some time and is well publicised.  This removes the pressure on a member of staff to try to work out whether their concern is prevent related or perhaps connected to other vulnerabilities. Our training therefore focuses on reminding staff of a pre-existing process rather than creating a new one.

Event Management

The Prevent Lead works closely with colleagues in Room Bookings and the Students’ Union UCL to mitigate risk around events and ensure that wherever possible events with external speakers go ahead.

A review has identified that the current Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech required an update. The new code along with an associated procedure for the management of external speakers is currently under consultation. During this period the current code of contact remains in use.


We have developed an E-learning course for staff with information on Prevent and guidelines to support vulnerable students. We are also currently working with academic colleagues who are experts in this field to develop a more comprehensive training package. This will be operated via a train the trainer approach to ensure knowledge can be embedded across UCL. The training will try to address the common concerns around unconscious bias and will be reviewed to ensure that it is effective. 

Launch the training module now.

Collaboration and Partnership

The UCL Prevent Network meets twice a year to review and agree upon the UCL response to the Duty. It comprises of a wide range of colleagues from across UCL as well as Sabbatical Officers from Students' Union UCL.

We have worked with SUUCL and the Sabbatical Officers on our response to the Duty and this has provided valuable direction on the development of the new training programme.