Academic Manual

Wardens of Student Residences


Wardens of Student Residences

Contact: Mr Andy Saffery, Deputy Registrar (Operations and Planning)


1. The Warden shall be responsible to UCL Council via the Registrar’s Office for the domestic and social harmony of the Hall/House. In this s/he may be assisted by one or more Vice-Wardens on the recommendation of the Deputy Registrar (Operations and Planning). Specific duties may be delegated to Vice-Wardens or other suitably responsible members of the resident staff but responsibility rests with the Warden, except during periods of absence of more than three days agreed with the Deputy Registrar (Operations and Planning), when a Vice-Warden or other suitably responsible member of the resident staff, must be formally nominated to be in charge.

2. The Warden shall promote a collegiate atmosphere and good order in the Hall/House for the general benefit of residents in accordance with UCL policy and regulations.

3. The Warden will be advised by the Residence Manager and appropriate UCL Officers. In the event of difficulty in applying such advice s/he may refer the matter to the Deputy Registrar (Operations and Planning) who will consult as necessary before deciding upon a course of action.

4. The responsibility for the financial management of the residence rests with the Residence Manager.

5. In the event of fire or criminal acts within the curtilage of the Hall/House, the Fire Brigade or Police will normally determine the immediate course of events. The appropriate UCL Officers should be informed of serious incidents as soon as possible.


6. The following disciplinary powers stand delegated to the Warden by the Deputy Registrar (Operations and Planning) after appropriate consultation if deemed necessary:

  • to reprimand;
  • to order compensation for damage to property or persons;
  • to impose a fine not exceeding the agreed maximum pertaining at the time.

7. In addition, where the conduct of an individual is deemed to be unacceptable the Warden shall be able:

  • to refer cases for exclusion to the Deputy Registrar (Operations and Planning);
  • in the case of a visitor, to exclude that person from the premises and, where the circumstances warrant it, to hold a resident liable for the behaviour of his/her guest(s).

8. In exercising any of the above powers the Warden shall inform the student concerned of his or her right of appeal to the Deputy Registar (Operations and Planning).

9. Further it should be noted that the licensee of any bar within a student residence, together with the barman, have the right both to refuse to serve customers and also to exclude individuals from the licensed bar in accordance with the Licensing law.


10. The Warden shall report:

  • to the Deputy Registrar (Operations and Planning) upon major breaches of discipline, whether or not dealt with locally, and upon other breaches of discipline which may have more general implications for UCL;
  • to the Director of Student Residential Services upon general problems of management for which local solutions cannot be found within the terms of UCL policy or regulations;
  • to the Director of Student Residential Services on matters relating to safety or security.


11. Halls of Residence form an integral part of UCL activities and Wardens and Site Managers are expected at all times to conduct the management of the Halls and Houses in a manner consistent with the general interests and well-being of UCL and the UCL community. In this they are expected to take full advantage of the expertise and facilities available within the UCL administration.

October 2013