Academic Manual

Undergraduate Admissions Tutors/Selectors


Undergraduate Admissions Tutors/Selectors

Contact: Professor Anthony SmithVice-Provost Education and Student Affairs - incorporating Students (Academic) 


1. To be responsible for and to coordinate the process of undergraduate admissions to the Department/degree programme.

2. To make final decisions on applicants to recommend to the relevant Faculty Tutor for admission to UCL.

3. To liaise with other Departments if an applicant is applying for a combined-studies degree or has submitted an application to more than one Department.

4. To recommend to the Faculty the nature of any offer to be made (i.e. degree programme, year of entry, grades/qualifications to be achieved) in accordance with departmental requirements as stated in the UG Prospectus.

5. To liaise with the relevant Faculty Admissions Officer and Faculty Tutor on all aspects of undergraduate admissions.

6. To have an awareness of:

a) Widening Participation issues; 
b) Equal Opportunities; 
c) Disabilities; 
d) Current UCL policies (on Admissions, Quotas and Targets, Student Accommodation, Fee Status, Admission of Young Applicants etc.); 
e) Government policy on university admissions; 
f) Data Protection Act.

7. To be conversant with current UCAS procedures.

8. To be conversant with all mainstream UK, European and North American school-leaving qualifications (e.g. Curriculum 2000, Scottish and Irish Highers, Access, IB, EB, Abitur, AP, etc.).

9. To be familiar with any changes made to the systems of examination in the above qualifications.

10. To ensure that their Department keeps appropriate records for each applicant (including copies of their UCAS form, interview notes, etc.) and of the decisions made.

11. To arrange Open Days for all relevant applicants.

12. To ensure that all who run Open Days on their behalf are appropriately briefed/trained.

13. To ensure that admissions issues are regularly discussed within their Department.

14. To liaise with their Head of Department and Departmental Tutor, as appropriate, regarding issues such as the financial situation of the department, admissions targets/quotas, etc.

15. To attend any UCL or Faculty meetings or training courses arranged for Admissions Tutors.

16. To arrange appropriate activities for applicants invited for Open Days wherever possible (e.g. meeting current students, tour of UCL, etc.).

17. To ensure that all applications are promptly processed and that decisions are made within the relevant deadlines.

18. To arrange for appropriately trained office staff to answer telephone and written enquiries.

19 a) When applicants' examination results become available, to make confirmation decisions promptly. In the case of applicants who have taken A/AS levels, to make confirmation decisions on those who have satisfied offer requirements within two days of the receipt of the results by UCL (i.e. by the Tuesday following the receipt of the results the preceding Sunday). Confirmation decisions on borderline candidates should be made in accordance with UCL's agreed approach on such candidates (determined each year after the release of the A/AS level results) and by the specified UCAS deadlines.

b) Throughout the year to arrange for appropriate staff to cover for them and during confirmation to ensure there is cover from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (including lunch times) to handle telephone enquiries, during the first two days after the publication of the A-level results to students. After that period, reasonable cover should be provided until the start of the academic year.

20. To be aware of, and implement where appropriate, UCL's Guidelines on Good Practice for admissions, interviews and Open Days (see

January 2015