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Programme Leader


Programme Leader

UCL Responsibilities of a Programme Leader

A Programme Leader will be responsible, in conjunction with other Programme Leaders where appropriate, for the organisation and management of a named programme and for the academic experience of the students on the programme. A Programme Leader must be a fully appointed current member of UCL staff in which teaching responsibilities are clearly articulated. Programme Leaders will be expected to be members of the Departmental Teaching Committee and/or any relevant sub-committees and to play an active part in the development of the Department’s portfolio of programmes and the enhancement of the student academic experience.

Specifically, in relation to their named programme, a Programme Leader will be responsible for:

Education leadership

1. ensuring that the programme is academically coherent and that it remains informed by research developments and other initiatives including QAA Subject Benchmark Statements;

2. providing leadership to for the team of staff who contribute modules and teaching for the core and optional elements of the programme;

3. ensuring that the programme is responsive to market need and that appropriate actions are taken in response to all stakeholders;

4. ensuring that the modules which form core and optional elements of the programme are coherent and appropriate for achievement of the programme learning outcomes;

5. keeping up to date with learning and teaching developments and being alert to best practice (through UCL Arena, subject associations, conferences, professional events and journals).

6. ensuring that the programme reflects the dimensions of the Connected Curriculum and research based education can be evidenced across the programme;

7. undertaking review of the programme in accordance with UCL regulations and policy;

8. ensuring that student evaluation of modules and programmes is managed effectively and used to enhance provision for current and/or future cohorts.

Assessment and Feedback

9. ensuring that the intended learning outcomes, at all levels, are clear and appropriate for the level of the qualification;

10. ensuring that assessment criteria and marking schemes on all modules are clear and explicitly communicated to and explored with students;

11. ensuring that the overall assessment requirements at the module and programme level satisfy UCL regulations contained in the Academic Manual;

12. ensuring that assessments are planned across the programme so that there is a diversity of assessment methods and clustering is avoided.

Student Engagement and Performance

13. monitoring of student performance on the programme;

14. meeting with the relevant staff to oversee analysis and response to student feedback collected internally and externally and external examiners’ reports;

15. developing appropriate ways of engaging students as partners, for example in generating ideas for enhancing provision and in decision-making, in order to enrich their academic and personal experience.