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Faculty Tutors


Faculty Tutors

Contact: Professor Anthony Smith, Vice-Provost Education and Student Affairs - incorporating Dean of Students (Academic)



Under Statute 8(8), a Tutor to the Students of each Faculty is appointed by the Provost and the Provost prescribes the duties of Faculty Tutors. The Dean of the Faculty is responsible, by authority delegated by the Provost, for the line management of the Faculty Tutor.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Faculty Tutor, in collaboration with the Dean, has overall responsibility for ensuring both that appropriate action is taken in relation to students and to learning and teaching matters, in line with UCL policy, and that appropriate contributions are made to strategy and policy development.

1. The role of the Faculty Tutor includes the following:

a) exercise the general academic and pastoral oversight of all students (undergraduate, graduate taught and graduate research students) in the Faculty;

b) together with the Dean, provide leadership on the implementation of Faculty Learning and Teaching Strategies and the development and management of new programmes, ensuring also that programmes and modules are reviewed and withdrawn as they become redundant.

c) contribute to the setting of Faculty quotas and targets, manage the admissions process and procedures so as to ensure that the Faculty meets its quotas and targets and conforms with UCL policies, coordinating the work of the support staff administering the procedure and liaising with the Dean, Faculty Graduate Tutor, Dean of Students (Academic), the Registrar and the UCL Admissions Office, as appropriate

d) manage and monitor the Personal Tutor Scheme, ensuring the delivery of the key skills agenda and careers advice and providing advice and direction to students experiencing difficulties (academic, financial, medical or personal);

e) as a member of the Faculty Management Team, contribute to the strategic management of the Faculty (in accordance with Statute 8);

f) contribute a Faculty view in discussions relating to a range of student matters including registration, fees, examinations and other academic matters working closely with the Registrar and officers of the Registry;

g) represent UCL in student recruitment activities and events (Open Days, Schools Conferences, Schools Visits and other Widening Participation and international student recruitment initiatives etc.) organised by Outreach and Admissions and ensure appropriate representation at such events;

h) ensure that each student's registration, academic progress and examination entry details satisfy the relevant degree or diploma or certificate regulations;

i) advise students who are academically insufficient or who have failed major examinations as to their possible future actions, and, under authority delegated from the Provost (in accordance with Statute 11), suspend or exclude them from further registration at UCL, in conjunction with the Dean of Students and Faculty Graduate Tutor, as appropriate;

j) handle complaints and grievances in liaison with the Dean of Students (Academic);

k) monitor and co-ordinate all aspects of student progress, liaising with Faculty Officers, tutors and teaching staff on issues concerning the general pastoral and academic welfare of students in the Faculty

l) ensure that relevant Faculty staff are aware of and comply with UCL policy and current legislation and liaise as necessary with UCL Officers on such issues and their implementation;

m) co-ordinate the activities of the Faculty Graduate Tutor in the exercise of their duties;

n) take responsibility with the Dean for the operation of all aspects of the Quality Management and Enhancement measures and procedures within the Faculty’s remit including the monitoring of Examination Boards;

o) chair a number of Faculty and UCL committees (such as the Faculty Teaching committee(s), UCL Grievance Panels, Examination Irregularities Panels and Internal Quality Review Teams) or give oral reports at them on a regular basis;

p) represent the Faculty as an ex officio member at a range of UCL committees and sub-committees, and serve on other UCL committees, sub-committees, working groups and panels when asked to do so;

q) keep up to date with all issues surrounding the student experience generally and be conversant with all current UCL policies and procedures relating to the recruitment, admission and academic progress and pastoral well-being of the student body and develop/implement new procedures and protocols in collaboration with the Dean, Dean of Students (Academic) and Vice-Provost (Education). Ensure that policies and procedures are effectively disseminated across, and followed within the Faculty;

r) contribute to the teaching effort within the Faculty and ensure appropriate training of admissions staff in liaison with the Organisational and Staff Development Team and the Centre for Learning and Teaching as appropriate.

s) draft, edit and audit content for the undergraduate and graduate prospectuses, the UCAS Handbook, documents for Schools Conferences, other publications and website material in conjunction with the Faculty Graduate Tutor, working with the Educational Liaison Team which has responsibility for publishing;

2. Additionally, with regard to UCL's undergraduate provision the Faculty Tutor's roles and responsibilities are as follows:

a. under powers delegated from the Provost on the authority of Statute 11, make on behalf of the Registrar offers of admission to undergraduate degree courses within the Faculty, and authorise the making of offers of admission of applicants from non-traditional backgrounds;

b. co-ordinate the activities of Admissions Staff, Admissions Tutors and Departmental/Degree Programme Tutors on all issues concerning the admission, induction and progress of undergraduate students in the Faculty;

c. communicate on behalf of the Faculty and UCL with Local Authorities, professional, regulatory and statutory bodies, other funding bodies, other universities, commercial organisations and the media etc. on all issues concerning the registration and progress of undergraduate students within the Faculty;

d. attend, or nominate a representative to attend, the Final Boards of Examiners Meetings for undergraduate degree and taught Masters degree programmes.

3. Graduate Matters:

Where the Faculty has a separate Faculty Graduate Tutor s/he will have responsibility for graduate research students and the Dean is his/her line manager. The Faculty Tutor will, however, have overall responsibility for the general academic and pastoral oversight of all students in the Faculty and will advise the Dean in matters relating to Quality Management and Enhancement. The Faculty Tutor is thus expected to communicate regularly with, and coordinate the activities of, the Faculty Graduate Tutor on all issues affecting taught graduate students and pastoral matters relating to research students. They must agree the allocation of specific duties (in consultation with the Dean), and ensure that the above roles and responsibilities are effectively discharged. Faculty Graduate Tutors have responsibility for regular liaison with Graduate and Admissions Tutors, and for keeping them informed of issues relating to graduate research students.

January 2015