Academic Manual

Dean of Students (Academic)


Dean of Students (Academic)

Contact regarding this document: Wendy Appleby, Registrar (and Secretary to Council), Student and Registry Services.


Subject to any particular direction which may from time to time be given by the Provost and the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs), the duties and responsibilities of the Dean of Students (Academic) will include the following:

1. Have overall responsibility for all academic aspects of UCL’s student recruitment, admissions and selection activities and processes, in liaison with, on the operational aspects of this area of responsibility: the Director of Communications (or his/her nominee within Communications and Marketing), in respect of international student recruitment matters; the Registrar (or his/her nominee within Student and Registry Services), in respect of UK student recruitment, and all student admissions and selection activities and processes;

2. Provide academic leadership for UCL’s widening participation activities;

3. Be responsible for quality assurance in recruitment, admissions and selection, including the following areas: communications/publications (in conjunction with the Director of Communications), qualifications, equal opportunities, service standards, activity and other output evaluations;

4. Be responsible, in liaison with the Registrar (or his/her nominee within Student and Registry Services), for general and particular matters relating to students’ academic affairs and progress, including decisions on student referral applications for graduate and undergraduate students;

5. Be responsible, in liaison with appropriate officers of UCL Student and Registry Services, for the academic welfare of students;

6. Work with the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs), the Registrar, and other relevant colleagues on enhancing the UCL student experience;

7. Be responsible for the handling of complaints from students on academic grounds in liaison with Faculty Tutors and other appropriate officers;

8. Give direction and general co-ordination to the work of the Faculty Tutors;

9. Have overall responsibility for the effective functioning of the Personal Tutor Scheme;

10. Be responsible, in conjunction with the Registrar, for investigating all cases of examination or other irregularities on the part of students (including cases of criminal conviction or falsification of qualifications), in accordance with the relevant UCL regulations;

11. Oversee, in liaison with the Faculty Tutors and the Registrar, such matters as qualifications, registration procedures, examination arrangements, fee payments, grants and scholarships;

12. Liaise on a regular basis with UCL's UCAS correspondent (the Registrar or his/her nominee);

13. Chair the Education Committee and the Quality Management and Enhancement Committee.

14. Chair the Student and Registry Services Admission Requirements Panel.

15. Serve as a member of the following committees (as an ex-officio member unless otherwise indicated):

  • Academic Board (Appointed Member)
  • Academic Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Joint Staff Student Committee
  • Quality Management and Enhancement Committee
  • Research Degrees Committees
  • Scholarships and Student Funding Committee.

January 2015