Academic Manual

Conduct of the Research Degree Examination


1.4 Conduct of the Research Degree Examination

The examiners shall prepare independent preliminary reports on the thesis, conduct an oral examination and submit a final, joint report to UCL.
The candidate’s supervisor shall be invited, unless the candidate indicates otherwise on his/her entry form, to attend the oral examination as an observer. The oral examination will otherwise be conducted in private.
The oral examination should be held at UCL.
  Further guidance
The examiners shall prepare independent preliminary reports on the thesis to assist in conducting the oral examination. Copies of the preliminary reports for MPhil, PhD and EngD students should be submitted to the UCL Student Centre together with the final, joint report. The preliminary and joint reports will be released to students.
Examiner report forms and procedural information are available from the Research Degrees Guidance webpages.
Each final, joint report by the examiners shall indicate whether the thesis meets the requirements specified in Section 1.1 as appropriate and shall include a statement on the examiners' judgement of the student's performance. Examiners have the right to make comments in confidence to UCL in a separate report. Such comments should not be concerned with the performance of the student but may cover matters which they wish to draw to the attention of UCL.
All matters relating to the examination must be treated as confidential. Examiners are not permitted to divulge the content of material contained in a student's thesis until such time as any restrictions on access to the thesis, which have been granted by UCL, have been removed.
The supervisor who attends the oral examination does not have the right to participate in the examination of the candidate but may contribute if invited to do so by the examiners. Otherwise the oral examination shall be held in private.
UCL may exceptionally agree that the examination be conducted outside London if there are circumstances which make this expedient. Applications to hold an oral examination outside of London should be made in writing to the Chair of the Research Degrees Committee via UCL Student Records.
For further guidance on the conduct of an oral examination, students and staff should also refer to the UCL Doctoral School Code of Practice for Graduate Research Degrees.