Academic Manual

Programme Transfers


4.8 Programme Transfers



1. Applications for changes in degree programme require UCL approval. Transfer between degree programmes cannot be guaranteed. 
2. The usual deadline for transfers between degree programmes is the end of October to be compatible with course unit/ module selection. Later transfers may be possible provided the programme diets are compatible or can be made compatible.
3. The online Programme Transfer Form on Portico should be completed for all applications to transfer degree programmes.
4. For further information see the Change your studies web pages.


Inter-Faculty Degree Programme Transfers

1. For inter-Faculty transfers, the following criteria will apply and will be used by the Faculty Tutor when making a decision:
  i) Students must have met the standard entrance requirements and must not have received a rejection to a previous application.
  ii) A supportive reference, concentrating on attendance and engagement, should be provided by the Faculty or department/division at which the student is currently or was last based, commenting upon the student’s attendance and engagement.
  iii) A detailed comparison of the degree programme and the course units/ modules taken showing the equivalence or otherwise in the accompanying case for the Recognition of Prior Learning.
  iv)  Confirmation that there is sufficient capacity within the gaining department/division in terms of student numbers.
  v) Students should not assume a transfer will be approved and, until official approval is obtained, they will remain on the original degree programme.
  Further guidance
1. When considering a request to transfer to another programme academic staff should, in the first instance, identify the main driver for the request, i.e., was a poor decision made about the initial choice 
2. Having identified the substantive reason for the request to transfer, academic staff should note that paragraphs i), iii) and iv) must be applied.
3. Paragraph i) is UCL’s default position and the reference accompanying the request must include comment upon attendance and the level of engagement with their studies.
4. Any other information in support of the transfer may also be included in the reference (see paragraph ii) above).
5. Although students should not assume a transfer will be approved they should try to follow the requirements of the new programme whenever possible.


Intra-Faculty Degree Programme Transfers

1. For intra-Faculty transfers the above criteria should also apply and be considered by the Faculty Tutor/ Faculty Graduate Tutor. However, if a student does not satisfy one or more of the criteria, a case should be made to UCL Academic Policy and Quality Assurance on behalf of the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs).


Recognition of Prior Learning for Internal Programme Transfers

1. Some internal transfers between UCL programmes may require RPL where the programme structures are significantly different.
2. The regulations and criteria for the Recognition of Prior Learning, including the types of prior learning that might be considered by UCL, are defined in Chapter 2: Qualifications and Credit Framework.
  Transfers within a Department/Division
3. RPL for transfers between programmes within a department/division typically requires no more than the notional adjustment of modules as core, optional or elective so that the programme diet is satisfied. 
4. RPL for transfers between programmes within a department/ division should be approved at departmental/ divisional level with notification to the Faculty and UCL Student Records.
  Transfers between Departments/Divisions or Faculties
5. RPL for transfers between programmes in different departments/divisions, especially between those in different Faculties, requires more careful consideration.  The department/division for the new programme must analyse the application in detail to determine how the RPL maps onto the new programme. If satisfied that there is a case for RPL, the department/division should forward the application, with the supporting documentation, to the Faculty using the online form in Portico
6. RPL for transfers between programmes within a Faculty should be approved at Faculty level with notification to the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs) via UCL Student Records.
7. RPL for transfers between Faculties should be approved by the Faculty Tutor of the receiving Faculty, with notification to the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs) via UCL Student Records.
  Changes to Programme Diet
8. The modules for which RPL is granted, any variation in the student’s diet, and the scheme of award should be clearly defined when the transfer takes place.
9. On undergraduate programmes, course units studied during the student’s First Year and Second Year will receive weights 1 and 3, respectively, in the Harmonised Scheme of Award for the new programme. A student transferring with RPL must be able to follow the same diet in the final year as other students.


MSci/MEng and BSc/BEng Transfers

1. The deadline to transfer from BEng/BSc programmes to MSci/ MEng programmes is the Friday before the last day of term three.
2. The deadline to transfer from MSci/ MEng programmes to BEng/BSc programmes is the day before the start of term one of the MSci/MEng year.
3.  Students and staff should consult the relevant Faculty Office(s) for the requirements for MSci/MEng programme transfers.
4.  Students who transfer to BEng/BSc programmes after 1 April can only attend a graduation ceremony in the following year.


Transfer to Equivalent Masters Level Programmes on Academic Grounds

1. Students should be awarded the qualification for which they are registered. However, there may be circumstances where a Masters degree or Postgraduate Diploma student does not wish to complete all the requirements for the award for which they are registered or they are unable to meet all the requirements prescribed for the award.
2. Students showing indications early in their registration that they are unlikely to be able to meet the academic requirements of the programme should be advised to:
  i) Leave the programme as early as possible; or
  ii) Transfer to the equivalent Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate programme (where such programmes exist).
3. Students on Masters programmes who fail the dissertation but satisfy the requirements prescribed in the scheme of award for the equivalent Postgraduate Diploma may:
  i) Opt to be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma (where one exists) rather than re-submit the dissertation for the Masters degree; or
  ii) Be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma following unsuccessful resubmission of a dissertation for the Masters degree.
4. Students who fail to satisfy the requirements for a Masters degree or Postgraduate Diploma but satisfy the requirements prescribed in the scheme of award for the equivalent Postgraduate Certificate may:
  i) Opt to be awarded the Postgraduate Certificate rather than re-sit the failed/incomplete modules for the Masters degree or Postgraduate Diploma; or
  ii) Be awarded the Postgraduate Certificate following unsuccessful re-sit for the Masters degree or Postgraduate Diploma.


Change of Mode of Attendance

1. Chapter 2, Section 3.9: Modes of Study defines the modes of study for taught programmes. 
2. Where a programme is offered by UCL in more than one mode of attendance, the following applies:
  i) Students who are on a full-time mode of attendance who have failed but are paying for additional registration/teaching may have their mode of attendance amended as appropriate.
  ii) Students who are repeating a year can also be changed to part-time.
  iii) Students enrolled on a flexible mode of attendance can be given advice by programme organisers about the recommended period of time in which to complete their studies. 
  iv) Decisions relating to the mode (s) of attendance offered by programmes are at the discretion of the programme organiser with the agreement of the Head of Department and Faculty. 


Changes to Degree Programmes when the Deadline has Passed

1. When the deadlines for changes to student registration on a degree programme have passed, any changes including course unit/ module selection, withdrawal from course units/ modules, withdrawal from academic assessment or a change of registration on a degree programme requires Faculty and UCL approval.
2. Approval of changes to student registration on a degree programme cannot be guaranteed once the deadline for doing so has passed.