Academic Manual

Interruption of Study


4.6 Interruption of Study



1. Interruption of Study is for students who require a temporary break from their studies and plan to resume their studies at a future date.
2. Students who want to interrupt because of a disability, illness or other Extenuating Circumstance should also consider the options available to them in Chapter 4, Section 5: Reasonable Adjustments and Chapter 4, Section 6: Extenuating Circumstances.
Applications for first interruptions of up to one calendar year require departmental/divisional and Faculty approval. The Faculty will notify UCL Student Records.
Applications for repeat interruptions or those in excess of one calendar year will require the approval of UCL Academic Policy and Quality Assurance on behalf of the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs) in addition to that of the department/division and Faculty.
5. Students enrolled on a flexible mode of study are not permitted to interrupt their studies. However in exceptional circumstances, students may be eligible for a deferral of assessment under the regulations in Chapter 4, Section 6: Extenuating Circumstances.
Students holding a Tier 4 visa will be required to leave the UK for the duration of the interruption and re-apply for a new visa in order to return to UCL.
Such students must comply with visa requirements to safeguard their immigration status and future entry to the UK. UCL is legally required to notify the immigration authorities of any changes to a student’s status.
  Further guidance
Applications for interruption of study should be made in advance of the proposed interruption. Retroactive interruptions going back more than a month from when the interruption is received by UCL Student Records require the approval of UCL Academic Policy and Quality Assurance on behalf of the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs).
The Faculty must forward the form to UCL Student Records within one month of effective date of interruption. If received later, the effective interruption date will be the date of receipt, not the date on the form.
The Changes to your Registration pages of the Current Students website provide further detail on the Interruption of Study Procedure.


Resuming Studies after a Period of Interruption

1. Students must email their Faculty one month prior to the expected date of return to confirm that they intend to re-enrol. Their Faculty must then confirm their intention to re-enrol to UCL Student Records in advance of the return date so that UCL can re-instate the student’s record. Students will not be able to re-enrol until UCL Student Records have received confirmation from the Faculty and have re-instated the student’s record.
2.  Return to study following a period of interruption may be subject to a review and an appointment with Student Support and Wellbeing. Where an appointment with Student Support and Wellbeing is required prior to returning to study, this will be confirmed to Students when the interruption is approved.
3. Before they can re-enrol students must have paid the appropriate fees, or provided evidence of sponsorship, to the Student Fees office (
Students must re-enrol within two weeks of their date of return. Failure to re-enrol may result in the closure of a student’s record.
Students re-enrolling in September and October will need to re-enrol on-line via Portico. It is their responsibility to contact Information Systems to ensure that their username and password are correct.
Students re-enrolling during the months November to August will need to re-enrol in person at the Student Centre. Visa national students need to bring their passport and current visa with them when they come to enrol.