Academic Manual

Visiting Research Students: Registration


5.12 Visiting Research Students: Registration

1. Visiting Research Students may register for between 3 and 12 months at UCL to undertake research which is complementary to the Doctoral/PhD project they are undertaking at the university in which they are enrolled. Applications for longer periods of registration can be considered, but require special permission from UCL before students start their registration. A department/division wishing to make an offer to an applicant for a period in excess of 12 months is required to submit a statement of the case for acceptance, via UCL Student Records, to the Chair of the Research Degrees Committee [RDC].
2. Requests for extensions to the agreed registration period can be considered but require the support of both the UCL host department and the student’s home institution. Departments seeking an extension to a student’s Visiting Research Student status should contact UCL Student Records confirming their support and including a statement of support from the home institution.

Arrangements for Supervision

3. Each Visiting Research Student will work under the guidance of a suitably qualified and approved UCL research supervisor during their time at UCL (see Section 5.14 for Supervisor Eligibility Criteria) and the supervisor must be recorded against their Portico record in the normal way. Visiting Research Students are not required to have both a Principal and Subsidiary Supervisor as is the case for UCL students; they typically have one supervisor allocated to oversee their work. 
4. Visiting Research Students are not required to use the Online Research Student Log. 
5. Further information for UCL supervisors is available in the Guidelines for Supervising Visiting Research Students.