Academic Manual

Completing Research Status


5.13 Completing Research Status



1. All research students who have completed their approved period of registration may register as CRS students while they write up their theses. Transfer to CRS status is only permitted with the approval of a student’s supervisor or other departmental authority. 
2. CRS is permitted for a maximum period of one calendar year (full time) or two calendar years (part time). CRS registration cannot be interrupted; a student who is prevented from submitting a thesis for reasons beyond his or her control may apply for an extension, as detailed in 5.13.4 below.
3.  An MPhil/PhD student must be registered for at least three calendar years full time or five calendar years part time before he or she will be eligible to take up CRS status. EngD students must be registered for four calendar years and MD(Res) students for a minimum of two calendar years before being eligible to take up CRS status. A student who changes from full to part time during the approved period of registration must have been registered for a minimum of one year part time before being entitled to two years of part-time CRS status.
4. In addition to completing the approved period of registration, a student must meet the following conditions before being permitted to take up CRS status:
  a) Have upgraded to PhD status (in the case of the MPhil/PhD programme) or confirmed entry to MPhil only;
  b)  Be in a position to submit his or her thesis within 12 months (for full-time students) and 24 months (for part-time students);
  c)  Have met any other departmental or divisional conditions. 
5. MPhil candidates may also take up CRS under the same conditions as PhD candidates but will be required to confirm that they have not upgraded to PhD.
6. Further guidance is available from the Completing Research Status webpages.


CRS Student Entitlements

1. During the period of CRS registration, a student is entitled to have one draft of all or any part of his or her thesis read and commented on by his or her Principal Supervisor and/or Subsidiary Supervisor before submission. 
  Further guidance
1. Once enrolled, CRS students will continue to be able to use, or will be reissued with, a UCL identity card and be entitled to the use of all the general UCL facilities and services. 
2. A CRS student in laboratory-based research may be admitted to a laboratory and be given use of UCL equipment where such admission and use will materially enhance the quality of the thesis or will expedite its completion. Such admission and use shall, however, be on the condition that this does not significantly interfere with the use of the laboratory or equipment in question by other students or staff of UCL or incur additional expense. The student’s Principal Supervisor, with the approval of the Head of Department/Division, shall be responsible for making any arrangements necessary to comply with this condition. In the event that a CRS student is refused admission or use, they shall have the right of appeal to the Faculty Graduate Tutor who shall consult the student’s supervisor and Head of Department/Division. 
3. The student’s department/division may, at its discretion, give any other supervisory assistance during the writing up period. CRS students will be expected to comply with all the duties and responsibilities of any other research student as set out in the Code of Practice for Graduate Research Degrees.


Submission of Thesis

1. A student must submit a thesis for examination before the end of his or her CRS period. A student will remain registered after the submission of his or her thesis until the award of the degree. He or she will be entitled to a UCL student identity card and will be able to use all the general UCL facilities and services while preparing for an oral examination or making minor revisions to a thesis.


Extensions to the Completing Research Period

1. A student who cannot submit a thesis for examination before the end of CRS due to circumstances outside his or her control may apply for an extension. The maximum period of extension is one year full time and two years part time. 
  Further guidance
1. Applications for extension to CRS must be made on the application form available from the Extension to Completing Research Status (CRS) webpages. Applications must be supported by a student’s department and may be made on the grounds of illness of student or close relative, maternity leave, bereavement, responsibilities as a primary carer or academic circumstances out of the control of the student. Work commitments or any duties carried out for a department are not considered grounds for extension; submission of a thesis is expected to be a priority. Applications on the grounds of the illness or termination of employment of the Principal Supervisor may be considered but departments are expected to make arrangements for alternative supervision under such circumstances.


Submission of a Thesis after the end of CRS

1. A student who submits late will be liable for a Submission Extension Fee. 
2. A student who does not submit a thesis before the end of his or her CRS registration will cease to be registered as a student at the end of this CRS period. He or she will not be entitled to access to UCL facilities and services and will not be entitled to supervisory advice. In addition, any student who wishes to submit after the end of his or her CRS registration will require permission to do so; this must be supported by a student’s supervisor or other departmental authority. If granted, the student will be permitted to submit but will not be re-registered unless his or her department require this. 
  Further guidance
1. All students who submit after the end of their CRS registration will pay a fee equivalent to the part-time home fee current at the time (see Submission Extension Fees for Research Students). This fee will come into effect the day after the end of their CRS registration and will increment after three months, six months and nine months. For submission at any time over nine months after the end of CRS, the fee will be equivalent to 12 months home part-time fees current in the year of submission.


Resubmission of a Thesis

1. A student whose thesis is referred by his or her examiners for substantial revision within 18 months will remain registered as a submitted student on the basis of 5.13.3 above, provided the original submission was not after the expiry of a period of CRS status. He or she will have access to UCL facilities and will be entitled to have one draft of his or her thesis read and commented on by his or her Principal Supervisor and/or Subsidiary Supervisor before re-submission. If a student’s revisions require more supervision or further access to UCL laboratories or other facilities, he or she may be required to re-register as a fee-paying student for the period of this supervision or access. 
2. A student who is required to re-submit must re-enter for the examination by completing the Examination Entry Form available from the Research Degrees Examination Entry webpages and will be required to pay a re-submission fee.