Academic Manual

Terminations of Studies


9.4 Terminations of Studies

1. Faculty Tutors/Graduate Faculty Tutors can also terminate the studies of students on grounds of academic insufficiency as per paragraphs 13.1 and 13.2 of UCL’s Regulations for Management.
2. In such cases the academic insufficiency must be deemed to be irretrievable.
3. For any student whose studies are to be terminated in this way, it is essential that he or she has previously been referred to the Faculty Tutor/Faculty Graduate Tutor for a formal interview and received a written warning that their studies are at risk of being terminated should the insufficiency continue.
4.  Should the insufficiency continue or should any conditions that were made for the continuation of the student’s studies at the interview and/or in the written termination warning not have been met, the Faculty must interview the student again.
5.  If the termination of studies is confirmed, the Faculty must issue a formal written notification of the termination of studies and the reasons for it, including a reference to the appeals procedure.
6.  Students have a right of appeal:
  a)  Appeals against a termination of studies on grounds of irretrievable academic insufficiency must be submitted within fifteen working days of the relevant notification and will be dealt with by UCL Academic Policy and Quality Assurance on behalf of the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs).
  b)  Should a student be dissatisfied with the outcome of the appeal, he or she may then go through the procedures set out in Section 12: Student Complaints Procedure.