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Managing Organisational Change

Course Code: PUBLG041

Course Tutor:
Dr Marc Esteve (Department of Political Science)

3,000 word essay

Credit Value:

About this course

Managing organisational change is a hands-on course where students learn about specific frameworks, models, and perspectives on effectively managing change in public, private and non-profit organisations. Students begin by covering introductory theories to organisational change and then move into the key concepts of how change occurs within an organisation. In particular, students face practical cases to learn how to overcome resistance to change and how to lead change within the different levels of the organisation’s hierarchy. Furthermore, we focus on the motivation to reform public sector organisations, and the effects that such reforms can have on policy implementation. By course end, students ought to have a broad comprehension and tools for changing organisations successfully.

Course Aims

  • To understand the various determinants of organisational change
  • To understand why politicians attempt to reform bureaucratic organisations and the effects such reforms have on policy making
  • To understand the effects of organisational change on the daily behaviour of public sector officials
  • To understand what facilitates and what impedes agencies and organisations from successfully working together
  • To be able to apply these concepts to specific complex policy issues

*This module is intended for students that have at least three years of relevant working experience in any public policy domain. Please contact the course tutor Dr Marc Esteve ( before 7th October 2015 to discuss your suitability.

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