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Course Code: PUBLG072

Course Tutor: Dr M. Rodwan Abouharb (Department of Political Science)

PUBLG072 Assessment: One 3,000 word essay 

Credit Value: 15

About this course

1) What is globalization? While the concept of globalization is contested, this course aims to demystify both some of the language and hyperbole surrounding this concept and delineate the different types of globalization processes taking place.

2) How is globalization managed? Having established what globalization is, the next part of the course will examine how international institutions have sought to manage this process.

3) What are the consequences of globalization? The course will finally examine the consequences of globalization across some different topical areas including: (i) the impact of multi national corporations in the developing and developed world, (ii) the impact of international financial institutions like the World Bank on economic development, the realization of economic and social rights, and the protection of human rights, (iii) the consequences of globalization on migration, (iv) the consequences of globalization on energy usage and climate change, (v) the consequences of globalization on democracy, (vi) the historical legacies of earlier periods of globalization.

The aim of this course is to introduce you to this debate, and to encourage you to think critically the concepts of globalization, for example is globalization something old or new? To help you think critically about the hyperbole surrounding globalization, is everything due to globalization or does this depend upon issue and national context? To help you think about how globalization is, managed, the advantages and disadvantages of the current system. Finally to help you understand the spillovers of globalization in various issue areas.

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