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Executive MPA in Global Public Policy and Management with NYU Wagner

Executive MPA in Global Public Policy and Management with NYU Wagner

Global Policy and Management on a Complex International Stage

UCL's School of Public Policy and NYU Wagner, in a unique partnership, offer an innovative one-year Joint Master of Public Administration, Executive programme in Global Public Policy and Management (Global EMPA).

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"Those who can make a positive difference in their field are those who combine an understanding of policy analysis and implementation with the skills of managing across organizational boundaries. Our program equips one to do just that."
Albert Weale, UCL Program Director.
"Public bureaucracies are essential to good policy, but those in public service must learn new ways of analysing policy and engaging with the challenge of implementation. I welcome this attempt by UCL and New York University to help a new generation of policy makers to meet the demands of a complex world."
Gus O'Donnell, the former UK Cabinet Secretary.
"The challenges we face today are global in nature, and they require visionary individuals who can work seamlessly across sectors and geographies to effectively address them. This program, which will equip leaders to develop sustainable, innovative solutions to these unprecedented global challenges, is exactly what is needed in the 21st century."
Douglas J. Band, Counselor to President Clinton.
"The contemporary public service sector faces substantial and growing challenges—both global and local—that demand innovative and collaborative action. This program builds on the expertise and achievements of seasoned analysts and practitioners, empowering them with additional skills and the versatility required to deal with these evolving challenges effectively"
Paul Smoke, NYU Wagner Program Director.

Global Content at Global Sites, in One Year

Students spend the first semester (fall) at NYU Wagner in New York City, the spring term at UCL in London, and the summer in locations across the globe working on a client-based Capstone project.

A Call for Experienced Leaders

The Global EMPA is intended for experienced leaders – analysts, decision makers, and managers – in domestic and international organizations, and in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. The program equips public service leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to design and implement effective and sustainable solutions to unprecedented global challenges.

Addressing Global Challenges at the Intersections

Whatever their chosen field, today's global leaders need to be able to develop and implement creative, cross-sector policies in a complex environment in which many communities and organizations have a stake. They may also find themselves moving across a variety of public, nonprofit, and private sector institutions in different locations during their careers.

During their year in the Global EMPA, students improve their ability to craft effective solutions to problems in the face of global and local policy and management challenges. They will learn to balance advantages of public and private sector actors;  promote successful inter-governmental cooperation at all levels; more effectively link policy analysis with policy implementation; and broadly ensure that policy is meeting its intended objectives and improving human welfare.

Applications are now welcomed for entry in Fall 2016 and the final deadline is January 2016. Candidates wishing to apply for this programme must apply on the NYU Wagner website, by following the link here.

Click here for more information on the Global EMPA program.

Information about funding for the programme here.

Programme Directors

  • Paul Smoke, Professor of Public Finance and Planning; Director of International Programs (NYU Wagner)
  • Albert Weale FBA, Professor of Political Theory and Public Policy (UCL School of Public Policy)

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