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Forthcoming Events

Distinguished external speakers that form a unique part of our teaching programme

The SPP Policy and Practice Seminar Series includes presentations of scholarly research and talks by high-profile policy makers, practitioners and academics.  They take place on Thursdays between 5.30pm and 7pm during term time in Anatomy G29 JZ Young Lecture Theatre. These are public events: all students and the general public are welcome to attend. The seminars are followed by drinks reception until 9pm in UCL Cloisters.

2015/16 Policy and Practice Seminar Series

Date & Time 
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8 October '15 Martin Bailey - Peter Luff - Christopher Bickerton -  hristine Reh   'The EU Referendum: Campaigning in London and Brussels' 
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15 October '15   Steve Richards - Rosie Campbell - Tim Bale - Meg Russell  'Leadership, Loyalty and the Rise of Jeremy Corbyn' 
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22 October '15  Michael Arthur - Joe Twyman - Teresa Williams - Helena Bengtsson - Daniel Hulme - Evie Ploumpidi - Giulio Quaggiotto - Penny Young

Q-Step Launch Event: 

'The Coolest Job in the 21st Century? Careers in Data Analysis'

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29 October '15  Daniel Drezner - Sir John Gieve -Jonathan Monten  'Global Economic Governance: Is the System still working?' 
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5 November '15  TBC TBC  
19 November '15 Kristin Bakke - Nils Metternich - Julian Wucherpfennig TBC   
26 November '15  Baroness Sarah Ludford - David Goodhart - Sarah Fine - Alex Betts - Avia Pasternak  'Dealing with the Refugee Crisis: Europe and Britain' Registration not open yet
3 December '15  Scilla Elworhty 'How millenials - that's you - are changing the way corporations think about values, and making them act'  Registration not open yet
10 December '15  TBC  TBC   
Date & Time Title Speaker More Information 
19 October 2015, 6pm  The Future of the BBC Lord Fowler 
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21 October 2015, 4.45pm  Magna Carta: A 21st Century Perspective & Book Launch PSA Event
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27 October 2015, 6pm 50 fewer MPs: challenges for the next constituencies review? Prof Ron Jonston & Tony Bellringer
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30 November 2015, 6pm Britain’s New Political Class: All Change in the House? Dr Jennifer Hudson
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All the Political Theory Seminars are from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm and will be held in the Council Room, School of Public Policy, UCL, 29 Tavistock Square, London WC1.

MA in Legal and Political Theory students will be issued with the seminar paper as soon as it is available (usually around a week before the seminar). Papers may also be downloaded from the PAL page on Moodle and from the SPP website below. Please note, as part of the Legal and Political Theory Programme, MA students are given exclusive rights to the first hour to ask the presenter questions and pose objections. In the second hour, we welcome discussion from everyone. 

More information about Legal and Political Theory at UCL here. 

2014/15 Legal and Political Theory Seminar Series
Date & Time
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14 October '15  Paul Bou-Habib (Essex)  Historical Responsibility for Climate Change Download the paper
21 October '15   Jeff McMahan (Oxford)  Proportionality and Necessity in Jus in Bello  
4 November '15   Catriona McKinnon (Reading) Risking Extinction: An International Crime?  
18 November '15   Simon Hope (Stirling) Idealisation, Justice, and Practical Reason  
25 November '15  Katrina Forrester (Queen Mary)   Ethics and the State: John Rawls before A Theory of Justice   
9 December '15   Miriam Ronzoni (Manchester)  The European Union as a Demoi-cracy: Really a Third Way?   

This lecture series showcases the work of prominent international scholars in the study of religion and political theory. It is organised by UCL’s Religion and Political Theory (RAPT) Centre. It is open to all.

Date & Time
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24 November '15  Lawrence Sager  'Why Churches (And, Possibly, The Tarpon Bay Women’s Deep Water Fishing Club) Can Discriminate'
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10 December '15  Cecile Laborde  'Is Liberalism Secular?'
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