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MPhil/PhD Research Students

Field and dissertation topic
Christiane Bjerglund Andersen
Coalition politics - party strategies; pre-electoral coalitions; Indian politics.
Cristobal Bellolio
Political Theory - Freedom from religion
Sabina Anne Espinoza International Law/ Legal and Political Theory/ Human Rights – Human rights responsibility of non-state actors and the purpose of international human rights law
Lior Erez
Political Theory - Motivational Critiques of Liberal Cosmopolitanism: Normative Significance and Possible Solutions.
Giulio Fornaroli
Political Theory - Neutrality and independence from comprehensive moral values as key components in political liberalism' response to the question of pluralism.
Susan Fuchs
The Impact of Changing Context on Bargaining Strategies and Influence in Negotiations Between Member States in International Organisations: The Case of the European Union Stability and Growth Pact Negotiations.
Melanie Garson International Relations/Conflict Resolution. Stabilising peace agreements in protracted social or intractable identity conflicts.
Matt Godwin
Diasporas and diaspora influence on foreign policy; civil wars; comparative legislatures.
Volkan Gül Political Theory, Deliberative Democratic Theory and Practice, Citizen Engagements, Representation, Accountability.
Stefano Gurciullo
The applications of evolutionary computation and complexity science on economics and security.
Heleen Jalvingh The role of the National Parliaments in the EU'
Alexander Katsaitis
Maeve McKeown
Responsibility Without Guilt: A Youngian Approach to Responsibility for Global Injustice.
Adri Nurellari
International support and political party development in post conflict societies
Cristian Bianchi Rettig
Political Theory/Global Justice/Theory of Human Rights - Poverty, human rights and responsibilities
John-Paul Salter
The role of the private sector in shaping its regulatory environment: the case of financial sector policy in the EU
Barbara Sennholz-Weinhardt Qualitative research methods, International Political Economy, International Financial Governance, Financial regulation at national level, Cognitive regulatory capture and citizen involvement in regulatory processes 
James Shafe
Utilitarian Public Reason
Hannah Smidt
International Relations/Conflict Studies - The influences of peacekeeping operations on election-related violence in post-conflict countries
Antti-Ville Suni Political Power of Frames – The Forging of a Single Energy Market
Matia Vannoni
Comparative Political Economy and Interest Representation: Do Institutions Matter?
Will De Villiers
Human Rights/Political Economy - The impact of neoliberal economic policies on the fulfilment of economic and social rights

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