Sample Fabrication


As part of the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN), the SPiN group has access to world-class micro-fabrication facilities. For more information about the LCN Cleanroom and a list of available equipment, please see the cleanroom website.

Sample holder with chips


Optical Spin Excitations

Our optical equipment focuses a laser beam onto semiconductor samples. A photo-elastic modulator is used to provide the beam with an alternating circular polarisation, which induces an alternating spin-population in the sample. Our objective lens is mounted on a stepper-motor controlled 3-axis stage to control positioning and focusing of the laser spot. A beam splitter and CMOS camera allow us simultaneously to image the sample. We study the effects of the spin-polarisation on the electric and magnetic transport properties of the samples.

Optical table and 0.5 T magnet

Variable Temperature Ferromagnetic Resonance

Our home-built setup consists of a GMW 3473 rotating magnet combined with a modified Oxford Instruments ACV12 closed cycle cryostat. We have wired microwave and dc lines into the cryostat to perform on-chip FMR and magneto-transport measurements. An interchangeable set of cold fingers allow us to mount our samples horizontally and vertically in the magnetic field. Magnetic fields > 1T and temperatures down to 2K can be reached.

Cryostat & 1.5 T magnet for FMR setup