09/2019:  Jack started his PhD on an LCN/ISIS studentship.

09/2019:  "Bolometric ferromagnetic resonance techniques for characterising spin-Hall effect at high temperatures" published in JMMM. 

08/2019:  New grant "Spin Physics in Two-Dimensional Layered Ferromagnets" selected for funding by EPSRC. 

08/2019:  "Tunable magnetization dynamics in artificial spin ice via shape anisotropy modification" published in Phys. Rev. B. 

07/2019:  Troy won the best presentation prize in the CDT Advanced Characterisation of Materials Summer Retreat workshop.

04/2019:  "Magnon-photon coupling in the noncollinear magnetic insulator Cu2OSeO3" published in Phys. Rev. B (Rapid Communication) and highlighted as Editors' suggestion.

04/2019:  "Abrikosov vortex nucleation and its detrimental effect on superconducting spin pumping in Pt/Nb/Ni80Fe20/Nb/Pt proximity structures" published in Phys. Rev. B.

01/2019:  A trio of Physical Review papers were published from our superconducting spintronics project: "Spin transport parameters of NbN thin films characterised by spin pumping experiments" Phys. Rev. Materials 3, 014406 (2019); "Effect of Meissner screening and trapped magnetic flux on magnetization dynamics in thick Nb/Ni80Fe20/Nb trilayers" Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 014061 (2019); "Exchange-field enhancement of superconducting spin pumping" Phys. Rev. B 99, 024507 (2019).

11/2018:  Safe was awarded the LCN Prize 2018 (PhD student category)! 

10/2018:  Oscar and Dimitrious started their PhDs.

05/2018: "Crystal structure and crystal growth of the polar ferrimagnet CaBaFe4O7"  published in Phys. Rev. Materials.

04/2018:  "Enhanced spin pumping into superconductors provides evidence for superconducting pure spin currents" published in Nature Mater.

12/2017: "Electric power transfer in spin-pumping experiments" published in Appl. Phys. Exp.

09/2017: "Spintronics: Anatomy of spin-orbit torques" published in Nature Nanotech. (News & Views)

09/2017: Aakanksha started her PhD.

03/2017: Konstantinos joined the group!

12/2016: New grant "Spin ice spintronics" from Leverhulme Trust. 

11/2016: "Spin-orbit torques: Going in the right direction" published in Nature Phys. (News & Views).

10/2016: We joined the EPSRC "superconducting spintronics" programme grant.