Fiona Elizabeth Zisch


As a masters student in architecture I developed an interest in the cognition, experience, and reciprocity of architectural space and human user. After working in architectural practice, I joined an architecture and neurophilosophy research group at the University of Innsbruck, where I also teach theory and design.

I am interested in how the brain represents and structures spatial experience and what role memory – past and future - and association play.

For my PhD I am working in a cross-disciplinary fashion, bridging architecture and cognitive neuroscience, and aim to compose a theoretical frame of reference and treatment of the correlation of cognitive experience and architectural space, as well as respective practical experiments to test this theoretical framework.

I am developing a series of experimental investigations examining the interaction between human and architectural space, with special consideration for new technologies and virtual experience and subsequent implications for the experience and design of architectural space. I intend to use collected data towards the creation of multilayered mappings.

Initially, I will focus on kinetically navigated virtual environments generated from 3D laser scanned actual architectural environments and record first person data - thoughts and feelings - and third person data from test subjects, as well as architecturally relevant spatiotemporal information.


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