Art / Architecture

  • Hugo Spiers has collaborated with several artists using Wellcome Trust funding to create films, installations and a play.
  • For more general information read a write up at the Wellcome Trust
  • Spiers Lab has a current collaborations with Prof Ruth Conroy Dalton at Northumbria University and Prof Steven Gage at UCL exploring architecture and neuroscience issues.

Home page for Neurotopographics

A film installation created by Hugo Spiers, artist Antoni Malinowski and architect Bettina Vismann exploring how place cells and grid cells provide a pattern for space.

Podcast of Hugo Spiers interviewing Antoni Malinowski about his work and the notion of space.


Pattern Completion Home Page

A sculptural video installation created by Michaela Nettell, Tom Simmons and Hugo Spiers, which explores the recall of memory via 'pattern completion'.

Guardian Podcast on the project


A theatre production created by Jonathan Young and Time Won't Wait which explores the experience of recalling the past. 

Hugo Spiers acted as science advisor.

A short film about remembering:

  • about the fragmented moments that are conjured and then fade before my mind's eye when I daydream
  • about trying to grasp hold of these mercurial images, describing what they 'look' and 'sound' like to me.

Film created by Michaela Nettell featuring the voice of Hugo Spiers.

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