Spices and Medicine


2017 Speakers

  • Dr. Barbara Pendry, University of East London. "Chasing Rainbows: A Look into Regulation of Herbalists
  • Dr. Charlene Murphy, UCL. "Archaeobotanical Evidence for Spices in South Asia"
  • Dr. Mark Nesbitt and Kimberly Walker, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. "A Tale of Two Cities: Assembling Cinchona Bark Collections in Leiden and London"
  • Dr. Francesca Scotti, UCL. "Saint John's Wort or not Saint John's Wort? An Insight into the Quality of a Traditional Herbal Medicine"
  • Dr. Mukrish Hanafi, UCL. "In vitro Pro-Apoptotic Effects of Marantodes pumilum (Blume) Kuntze Extracts o­­n Prostate Cancer Cell Lines"
  • Zachary Bellman, UCL. "An Unwatched Pot Never Boils: The Need for Regulation in the Medical Cannabis Industry (and Herbal Medicine in General)"