Speech Research Group


Examples of JSRU transcription

Here is a list of commonly used words and their usual pronunciation transcribed in JSRU.
These are examples taken out of real transcriptions. Note that sometime people articulate words in a different way.

a a/ai
all awl
an aan
and aand
any e-ney
are ar
ask arsk
at aat
back baak
boys boiz
brother bru-dha
but bat/but
by bie
can kaan
can't karnt
could kood
didn't did-nt
does duz
done dun
down doun
each eech
few fyuu
go goa
goes goaz
had haad
has haaz
have haav
he hee
her her
his hiz
how hou
I ie
into in-tuu
is iz
it it
know noa
like liek
mean meen
more maw
mother mu-dha
move muuv
my mie
never ne-va
new nyuu
no noa
now nou
of ov/av
off of
one wun
only oan-ley
other u-dha
over oa-va
our ou-a
people pee-pl
quite kwiet
say sai
school skuul
she shee
should shood
sister sis-ta
slow sloa
so soa
than dhan/dhaan
that dhaat
the dha/dhee
there dhei
these dheez
they dhai
this dhis
those dhoaz
time tiem
to tuu
told toald
very ve-ree
was waz
we wee
well wel
what wot
when wen
which wich
while wiel
who huu
with widh
would wood
yes yes
you yuu
your yaw