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Eryk Walczak


Eryk Walczak

My project investigates speech motor learning of Mandarin tones (rises and falls). I use EEG, fNIRS, behavioural and acoustic data to study how pitch contours are processed and learned. I am working under the supervision of Professor Peter Howell and Dr Jyrki Tuomainen.

Teaching experience:

PSYC1103 Introduction to Psychological Experimentation (2013/2014)

PSYC2203 Research and Quantitative Methods in Psychology (2013/2014)


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Walczak, E., Zhang, J., Schoof, T., Tuomainen, J., & Howell, P. (2014). Cortical inhibition of the brainstem frequency following response in falling and rising tone production. Proceedings from ISSP 2014 The 10th International Seminar on Speech Production. Cologne, Germany.

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Walczak, E. (unpublished MRes thesis) Speech learning of Mandarin tones: Behavioural and electrophysiological correlates.


Walczak, E. & Howell, P. (2017, September). fnirsr: An R package for analysing functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) data. fNIRS UK 2017. London, UK.

Walczak, E., Tuomainen, J., Nevard, S., & Howell, P. (2014, May). Cortical influences on brainstem FFR during productions whilst speakers hear their own voice. Poster presented at Frequency Following Response (FFR) Workshop. London, UK.



Public engagement:

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