Prof. Tao Cheng at Evolving GIScience

20 July 2015

Prof. Tao Cheng, Director of SpaceTimeLab for big Data Analytics was invited to give a talk on “Type-n Fuzziness and Spatio-Temporal Analytics” in the international workshop “Evolving GIScience: celebrating Peter Fisher, July 14-15 2015”. The main motivation of the workshop is to celebrate Pete Fisher’s professional life which had 3 strong foci: research, publication and education in GIScience. Twelve world-leading experts in Geography, Computer Science and GIScience made tributes to Pete’s contribution in those 3 foci. 

Prof Tao Cheng - Evolving GIScience

In Tao’s talk, she reflected the infamous paper co-authored with Pete Fisher and Jo Wood – “Where is Helvellyn? Fuzziness of multi‐scale landscape morphometry”, one of the 10 most influential papers appearing in the Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers on GIScience, (IBG, 29 (1), 106-128, 2004). She then reflected how the study on type-n fuzziness inspired her to study modifiable area unit problem in space and time which leading to her latest work on Modifiable Temporal Unit Problem (MTUP) and spatio-temporal analytics, part of the fundamental research around space, time and scale.

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