Juntao Lai wins best paper by a young researcher at GISRUK 2015

20 April 2015


Congratulations to SpaceTimeLab researcher Juntao Lai, who was awarded the prize for best young researcher paper at GISRUK 2015. Juntao’s paper, entitled Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Passengers’ Interests at London Tube Stations, uses geo-tagged Tweets and topic modelling to explore how potential Tube passenger's interests vary spatially throughout the system. His work was praised for its clarity and rigorousness. It was developed in collaboration with his coauthors Professor Tao Cheng and Dr Guy Lansley, and is available here


Also in attendance at GISRUK were the following CPC researchers, who are listed along with links to the papers they presented:

Monsuru Adepeju

A new metric of crime hotspots for operational Policing

Nilufer Sari Aslam

Big Data Analysis of Population Flow between TfL Oyster and Bicycle Hire Networks in London

Gabriel Rosser

A self-exciting point process model for predictive policing: implementation and evaluation

Jianan Shen

Group Behaviour Analysis of London Foot Patrol Police

Khaled Taalab

Assessing the risk landslides pose to road and rail networks

Dawn Williams

Exploratory spatiotemporal data analysis of public confidence in the police in London

Sarah Wise

A Model Officer: An Agent-based Model of Policing

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