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Welcome to the home of our student blogs and vlogs! Find out what it's like to live and study at UCL by reading our blogs and watching vlogs created by our students from the Faculty of Arts & Humanities and the Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences.

Student Vlogs

The Wellbeing Series 

Some of our current students from the Joint Faculties have created a series of videos sharing their advice on how to look after your wellbeing as we continue to face the disruption and the uncertainty caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19). Watch our Wellbeing Series

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5 Tips on Looking After Your Wellbeing by Isabelle

Isabelle, Second year UCL English student, shares her top tips on how to look after your wellbeing and staying connected during these challenging times.

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The Importance of Self-care by Deepali

Deepali, second year UCL English student, shares with us the origin of self-care and why it is so important.


Student Blogs


Autumn Leaves

My Year Abroad Thanksgiving Experience

Sophia, final Year UCL Geography student, reminisces about her Thanksgiving experience in Canada whilst studying her year abroad at the University of Toronto last year.

Girl walking on a pathway in sunlight

Dealing with psychological impacts of Covid-19 as a student

Hamizah Afandi, final year UCL Archaeology student, shares her advice on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing during these challenging and uncertain times.

Woman typing on laptop

Remote learning during the Covid-19

Issy Proctor, final year UCL History student, shares her reflections on how she has found remote learning during lockdown and offers her top tips for effective learning at home.

Toronto Skyline

Returning from my year abroad during Covid-19

Sophia Saeed, third year UCL Geography student, shares her experience of having to leave her year abroad in Toronto early due to the pandemic.

Notepad and glasses on yellow background

Remote learning and overcoming procrastination during lockdown

Adwoa Amankona, UCL Geography student, had to end her year abroad in Sydney early due to Coronavirus. Hear how she found remote learning back home and her tricks for dealing with procrastination.

two hands holding a red alarm clock

A day in the life of a student in lockdown

Annabelle Brand, second year UCL English student, takes us through a typical day in lockdown life.

Thanksgiving dinner table

My First Thanksgiving at UCL

Isabelle, second year UCL English student, reminisces about her first Thanksgiving experience in her first year at UCL.

Feet poking out of white bed sheets

Five top tips for getting a good night's sleep

Sophia Saeed, third year UCL Geography student, shares her advice on how to get a good night's sleep.

desk workspace

How to improve your CV during lockdown

Ben Glass, final year Philosophy student, offers his guidance on how to use lockdown to think about your career and spruce up your CV.

Front quad in summer

Returning to UCL in September

Sophia Saeed, third year UCL Geography student, shares how she is feeling about returning to UCL in September for her final year.