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Student Corner, Virtual Events Ambassador

Virtual events are a great way for prospective students to connect with UCL staff and students

Nature & Scope

Here within the joint faculty we have launched Student Corner, a series of virtual events run by the students for prospective students.

The Student Corner Ambassadors role will be helping to bring to life fortnightly topics on studying, socialising and all things in-between which are important to help with the build up to enrolment week.

As a Student Corner Ambassador you will be involved in promoting the event on our social media channels and running the actual event. We will have a set of top level topics such as ‘Living in London’ with a chance for you to add your spin on how you want to develop the topic within the event(s).

With this role you will be expected to complete at least two virtual events (you will receive training before you do your first event).

Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate the delivery of fortnightly virtual corner events
  • Serve as a digital point of contact for prospective students engaging with UCL by answering basic questions about relevant services, events and resources available and also signposting to staff support in departments (where required)
  • Work closely with the (joint faculty staff) to maintain and keep up-to-date information available to prospective students to use within the virtual event series
  • Collaborate with the Joint faculty to come up with new and exciting topics that you feel prospective students would want to engage in.


Contract Period

Flexible from March – October 2019

Please note: Training is mandatory for all students involved with Virtual activities before commencing work.


The Social Media Ambassador is compensated at a rate of (to add in) per hour plus (to add in) in lieu of vacation. You must be able to commit to a minimum of two virtual events to be able to apply for this role. You will only be paid after the second completed virtual events, however after this you would be paid per event completed.

The Social Media Ambassador is expected to submit timesheets on a weekly bases. (Please note time sheets may be rejected if the work is not completed within the time allocation).

 (Academics and) Time Commitment

We recognise that you will be undertaking this work alongside significant academic and other commitments. as such, this role is very flexible, however we recommend that you let us know how many hours you can do a week, and also times when you are not available so that we can offer work to other Student Buddies if you are not available.

Failure to complete work to deadline will result in you being removed from the Student b=Buddy scheme (if there is no valid excuse), so please do inform us if you may experience problems completing a task before the deadline.

Qualifications and Conditions of Employment

  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to exercise creativity and critical thinking
  • Ethical judgement and sound decision-making skills
  • Good organisation and prioritisation skills
  • Experience of being in front of a camera or doing a webinar is helpful to have but not essential

Prior to the commencement of the term of the contract, each candidate must complete the following:

  • Attend mandatory training session
  • Completion and submission of all required paperwork to Unitemps
  • Apply for a Position

If you are interested in becoming Student Corner, Virtual Events Ambassador for the current academic year, you need to be part of the Student Buddy scheme.

Apply to be a Student Buddy