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Internships and work-type placements

Internships and work-type placements

The London NERC DTP permits PhD students to undertake 3-month internships / work-type placements with a non-academic organisation, working on a project that is independent from their PhD research. These internships are intended to give students experience of working outside academia, help them build their networks and gain skills that will help them in their future career.

Currently the DTP does not have any funding to support internships, however internships can also be arranged by the student direct with a host who is willing to fund their placement. The DTP can assist with this, so please do get in touch with the DTP office directly if you are interested in setting up an internship (londonnercdtp.admin@ucl.ac.uk). All internships / work type placements are subject to certain rules, which can be viewed in the guide below.

Internships & work-type placements guide