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Libby, BA History, final year
Society Spotlight: Comedy Club

Libby Randall
BA History, final year
Favourite motivational quote: "A year from now, you will have wished you had started today" - Karen Lamb

When I joined UCL in the early autumn of 2017, I never imagined I’d be stood in a Zone 1 London theatre three years later, dressed in a morph suit and puppeteering the paws of a toy dog. This crazy experience was bestowed upon me by Comedy Club, one of the most fun and inclusive societies the university has to offer.

The hallowed halls of UCL were somewhat short on humour before the society was founded in 2010, and in its brief but glorious history the club has provided a new space for young comedians to blossom. Whether you’re interested in stand-up, sketch or improvisation, friendly faces and weekly workshops are waiting to fine-tune your skills. Those who shy away from the stage are encouraged to write, direct or produce one of the club’s termly shows, and if you’re simply looking to meet new friends, regular social events have never failed to form instant double-acts.

Whether you’re a veteran of the stage or just love those Netflix stand-up specials, all levels of experience are welcome. Inclusivity is one of Comedy Club’s greatest strengths; the society excels in giving minority groups a platform to display their comedic talents. Annual women’s, LGBT+ and BME showcases in particular give voice to groups currently underrepresented in the London comedy scene. All members are furthermore encouraged to accompany the club on their annual pilgrimage to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the UK’s biggest comedy event, for a fortnight of fun and unforgettable moments.

Moving to university in a large, unfamiliar city was intimidating; having somewhere to laugh and make friends was invaluable during those first few months. Through Comedy Club I have learned to venture beyond my comfort zone, and just earlier this year I was able to fulfil a lifelong dream of having my original play performed at a genuine London theatre. If you’re looking to start university with a bang, or simply meet new people with a rocking sense of humour, UCL Comedy Club is one you can’t miss. Be sure to pay them a visit at this year’s Freshers Fair!