Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences



Find contact details for the Faculty Office, Vice Deans and Professional Services staff including finance, teaching and support and marketing communications staff.

SHS Faculty Teams

Faculty Office

RoleNameEmail Address
Executive DeanProfessor Jennifer HudsonSHS.Dean@ucl.ac.uk
Director of OperationsVacant 
Deputy Director of OperationsKaty Hamiltonk.hamilton@ucl.ac.uk
Executive Officer to the Dean & Director of OperationsChris PriceSHS.Dean@ucl.ac.uk
EDI Co-ordinatorNatasha Catnottn.catnott@ucl.ac.uk
Faculty Learning Technology LeadFiona Harveyf.harvey@ucl.ac.uk
SHS Faculty BME LeadAdam Harrisadam.s.harris@ucl.ac.uk

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Vice Deans

RoleNameEmail Address
Vice Dean (Innovation, Enterprise & Knowledge Exchange)Dr Mark Altaweelm.altaweel@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Education)Dr Cathy Elliotcathy.elliott@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Global)Professor David Coend.coen@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Research)Professor Helene Burninghamh.burningham@ucl.ac.uk
Vice Dean (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion)Currently covered by Dean 
Vice Dean (Advancement)Vacant 
Vice Dean (Post-Graduate Research and Faculty Graduate Tutor)

Dr Alan Ingram  

Dr Andrew Flinn (interim)



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Marketing & Communications

RoleNameEmail Address
Marketing and Communications ManagerCaitlin O'Gradycaitlin.ogrady@ucl.ac.uk
Communications and Events OfficerJessica Thomasjessica.thomas@ucl.ac.uk
Student Recruitment Marketing OfficerSarah Mullensarah.mullen@ucl.ac.uk

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Teaching & Learning

The Teaching & Learning team work across both the Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences and the Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Role NameEmail Address
Director of Education and Faculty TutorProfessor Arne Hofmanna.hofmann@ucl.ac.uk
Deputy Faculty TutorAshley Doolana.doolan@ucl.ac.uk
Head of Student CaseworkCelia MacDougallah-shs-faculty@ucl.ac.uk
Quality Assurance & Governance OfficerVacant 
Casework OfficerOlivia Braddockah-shs-faculty@ucl.ac.uk
Education AdministratorVacantah-shs-faculty@ucl.ac.uk
Education AdministratorAlice Clarkah-shs-faculty@ucl.ac.uk

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Strategic Initiatives and Research

RoleNameEmail Address
Faculty Project OfficerZoe Paskettz.paskett@ucl.ac.uk
Research Development ManagerLuis Regol.rego@ucl.ac.uk
Research Impact ManagerHelen Starkh.stark@ucl.ac.uk
Research Governance OfficerMiriam Haymiriam.hay@ucl.ac.uk
Social Data Institute ManagerMoira Haguem.hague@ucl.ac.uk
School for the Creative and Cultural Industries (SCCI) Operations ManagerAndrea De Santisa.santis@ucl.ac.uk
School for the Creative and Cultural Industries (SCCI) Senior Communications and Marketing OfficerElla Strickland de Souzae.souza@ucl.ac.uk
NERC DTP ManagerKarina Dixonkarina.dixon@ucl.ac.uk
NERC DTP Co-OrdinatorKate Moorek.moore@ucl.ac.uk

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SLASH Business Partners

The SLASH Business Partners work across the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, the Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences and the Faculty of Laws

RoleNameEmail Address
SLASH Head of FinanceIan Davisian.davis@ucl.ac.uk
SLASH Management AccountantHassam Mananh.manan@ucl.ac.uk
Assistant Management Accountant Neove Anastasin.anastasi@ucl.ac.uk
Accounts AssistantIrfan Patelucziip0@ucl.ac.uk
SLASH Head of HRRonnie Davidsonronnie.davidson@ucl.ac.uk
HR Business PartnerCraig Orrc.orr@ucl.ac.uk
SLASH Head of ITSanjay Kariasanjay.karia@ucl.ac.uk
IT Support SpecialistSanjay Priyadarshis.priyadarshi@ucl.ac.uk
Senior Space and Feasibility ManagerGousheeg Raviendrang.raviendran@ucl.ac.uk
Safety ServicesIrida Gaikwadi.gaikwad@ucl.ac.uk

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