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UCL Senior Promotions 2022-23 success for Faculty colleagues

3 July 2023

Congratulations to all of our Faculty colleagues who have been successful in UCL's Senior Academic, Research and Teaching Promotions for 2022–2023.

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This year, over 340 colleagues promoted have been promoted from over 50 departments and faculties - a record number. 

A huge and well-deserved congratulations to the many colleagues across the Faculty who have been promoted. We’re delighted that their outstanding work and achievements have been recognised. 

Promoted to Professor



Promoted to

Dr Tanya BresseyDepartment of GeographyProfessor of Historical Geography
Dr Russell HitchingsDepartment of GeographyProfessor of Human Geography
Dr Lucy BarnesDepartment of Political ScienceProfessor of Political Economy
Dr Hikmet Bulutgil ChaxelDepartment of Political ScienceProfessor of International Relations
Dr Beverley ButlerInstitute of Archaeology Gordon SquareProfessor of Cultural Heritage and Memory Studies
Dr Corisande FenwickInstitute of Archaeology Gordon SquareProfessor of Late Antique and Islamic Archaeology
Dr Alice StevensonInstitute of Archaeology Gordon SquareProfessor of Museum Archaeology

Promoted to Associate Professor



Dr Dalia IskanderDepartment of Anthropology
Dr Tone WalfordDepartment of Anthropology
Dr Ralph LuettickeDepartment of Economics
Dr Elaine LeongDepartment of History
Dr Michael PlouffeDepartment of Political Science
Dr Katie HemerInstitute of Archaeology Gordon Square
Dr Nadia HilliardInstitute of the Americas
Dr Luke De NoronhaUCL Institute for Advanced Studies

Promoted to Associate Professor (Teaching)



Dr Silvia Dal BiancoDepartment of Economics
Dr Ramin NassehiDepartment of Economics
Dr Jacob PaskinsDepartment of History of Art
Dr Noele CrossleyDepartment of Political Science
Dr Maki KimuraDepartment of Political Science

Promotions are effective from 1 October 2023.

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