Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences


Dean’s Strategic Initiatives Funds awarded

27 February 2020

The Dean’s Strategic Initiatives Funds are just one way of expressing the Dean’s commitment to supporting research excellence and the career development of staff across the Faculty.

In the context of the Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences Strategic Vision 2019-29 and the Dean’s commitment to supporting research excellence and the career development of staff across the Faculty, the call for bids for the following Dean’s Strategic Initiatives Funds were opened in December 2019:

  • Small Harvesting Grants to assist in the ‘harvesting’ of current research projects that require a final push before they are completed. 
  • Seed-Funding Grants for new research or educational initiatives in relation to the four new Faculty strategic initiatives: Sustainability, Climate Change, and the Anthropocene, The Future of Data and Methods, Diversity, Difference, and Inequality and Health, Mental Health, and the Biopsychosocial.
  • Educational Enhancement Grants for applications from staff involved in education in the Faculty for grants to deliver projects that will contribute to the strategic enhancement of education in the Faculty. 

Congratulations to all the successful applicants across the Faculty. Details of staff who were awarded funding can be found here:

Seed-Funding Grants

  • Amy Horton, Lecturer in Economic Geography, Department of Geography: Democratising social infrastructure? Caputing the Stop Haringey Development Vehicle and its consequences (Diversity, Difference, and Inequality)
  • Alice Kuegler, Postdoc, Department of Economics: The Effect of Unions on Wage Inequality (Diversity, Difference, and Inequality)
  • Emily Emmott, Senior Teaching Fellow in Biological Anthropology, Department of Anthropology: Raising a child without the village? Investigating the nature, role and consequences of social support networks on maternal mental-health in the UK (Health, Mental Health, and the Biopsychosocial)
  • Andrew Barry, Professor of Human Geography, Department of Geography: Anthropocene Week (Sustainability, Climate Change, and the Anthropocene)
  • Mathias Disney, Professor of Remote Sensing, Department of Geography: New views of urban forests (Sustainability, Climate Change, and the Anthropocene)
  • Chris Brierley, Associate Professor in Climate Science, Department of Geography: Integrating climate simulations with archaeological research (Sustainability, Climate Change, and the Anthropocene)
  • Colin Sterling, AHRC Early Career Fellow, Institute of Archaeology: Marginal Anthropocenes: Heritage and Sustainability in Peripheral Spaces (Sustainability, Climate Change, and the Anthropocene)
  • Miljana Radivojevic, Lecturer in Archaeomaterials, Institute of Archaeology: Developing FUel (R)Evolution in the Eurasian Landscape: Metal technology and carbon emissions during the Inner Eurasian Bronze Age c. 3500 – 1000 BC (Sustainability, Climate Change, and the Anthropocene)
  • Kyle Herman, Research Fellow in Environmental Politics, Department of Political Science: Sustainability Action Bridges in Academia and Business (Sustainability, Climate Change, and the Anthropocene)
  • Ana Bleahu. PGTA, Department of Anthropology: 'Screen-to-screens beside face-to-fact' - innovative tools and research techniques for digital ethnography (The Future of Data and Methods)

Small Harvesting Grants

  • Stuart Brookes, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Archaeology: The Roads and Routes of the Gough Map GIS database captur
  • Flavia Frigeri, Teaching Fellow, Department of History of Art: On the mend: How Rome’s National Modern Art Gallery dialogued with the world, 1949-1958
  • Julie Norman, Teaching Fellow, Department of Political Science: Sounding Conflict
  • Par Engstrom, Associate Professor of Human Rights, Institute of the Americas: Torture Prevention in Chile
  • Jan David Bakker, Research Fellow, Department of Economics: Housing and rising inequality: The distributional effects of the Tenancy Fee Act
  • Katerina Tertytchnaya, Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Department of Political Science: Independent Media in Electoral Autocracies
  • Milijana Radivojevic, Lecturer in Archaeolomaterials, Institute of Archaeology: Rise of Metallurgy in Eurasia
  • Gabriella Conti, Associate Professor in Economics, Department of Economics: Human Capital Development: Multi-Dimensionality and Aggregation
  • Manuel Vogt, Associate Professor in International Security, Department of Political Science: Ethnic Identity, Collective Grievances, and the Long-term Political Consequences of Wartime Violence

Educational Enhancement Grants

  • Stephanie Schwartz, Lecturer in American Art, Department of History of Art: Mining the Archive: Researching Photography and Racialisation
  • Ramin Nassehi, Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics: History of UCL Economics told by students (through short videos)
  • Caroline Garaway, Associate Professor and Vice-Dean Education, Department of Anthropology: Understanding the characteristics and needs of commuter students in SHS
  • Chloe Ireton, Lecturer in Iberian History and the History of the Iberian World, Department of History: Induction to UCL History: Student Panel Discussions, Video-resources
  • Cloda  Jenkins, Principle Teaching Fellow & Careers Tutor, Department of Economics: Understanding the nature of data analysis in real-world policy-making to improve module and degree design and careers advice in economics and political science
  • Silva Dal Bianco, Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics: Promoting digital education at the Economics Department
  • Dunli Li, Senior Teaching Fellow and BSc Programme Co-Director, Department of Economics: Understanding and Enhancing Undergraduate Student Satisfaction in Economics at UCL