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Blog post - why decolonise the curriculum?

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On behalf of the UCL changemakers team working on the Decolonising the Curriculum initiative, I would like to express our enthusiasm for the upcoming five-day series of events  . We are a group of UCL students and staff ranging from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds who feel that the current system of education is failing to provide us with the most accurate, critical and inclusive education that it is capable of. Owed to both a personal identification with often underrepresented groups in curricula (that is, the stories, histories, findings and research of women, BME members and the working class, among others) and an academic determination to receive an education aligned with social justice and inclusion, we are more than excited to be organising this event. The lack of voices from under-represented groups on reading lists, in module content, within academia and the student body is a long-standing issue which ought to be rectified immediately. We hope that this five-day long initiative will help staff and students better understand why this is so critical, but also offer a series of ideas and practical advice about how it can be addressed from academic professionals and students who have enacted positive change already. What’s more, we aim to ensure that everyone who comes along enjoys the diversity and pluralism of academic and practical input in the higher education sphere, entertainment and eye-opening insight on the plethora of contributions which a diverse educational body can provide for everyone. We’ve very much enjoyed planning this event and can’t wait to see you there!

Anne Kimunguyi (2nd year UCL History student)