Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences


Call a Graduate Student Buddy

If you'd like to talk to us about what it's like to be a student at UCL in our Faculty, you can organise a 15 minutes voice conversation with one of our student buddies below.


Elin, Student Buddy
BA English Literature student year 2

Hello, I am Elin and half-Swedish and in my free time  I love composing and performing on the guitar and violin, and am very passionate about radio and TV presenting. 

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Sophia, Student Buddy
BA Geography with Quantitative Methods (BA) with a Year Abroad

Originally brought up in the West Midlands, I truly have loved moving to London to study at UCL. I love travelling and eating out so there isn’t a place in London I haven’t been. I also got to explore the world when I went to Toronto in Canada on my year abroad! 

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Libby, Student Buddy
BA History

I am originally from Birmingham but love exploring London, and when I'm not working on my degree I like to read, write and make art!

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Dylan, Student Buddy
BA Philosophy, 2nd Year

I was born in Hong Kong, raised in and been to many other places since then, like to do many different things and I think most importantly, trying to be kind while hopelessly figuring out the rest of what life is all about. 

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Tzveti, Student Buddy
BASc Arts and Sciences

I am a 2nd Year Arts and Sciences student. I was born in Bulgaria and grew up in Cambridge and I am currently the Arts and Sciences society President. I like languages, traveling and watching films.

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