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Situating the Mind

10 May 2022, 1:00 pm–3:00 pm

Visual of people with different cartoon brains

What Social and Historical Sciences bring to the understanding of mind/the mental.

This event is free.

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SHS Health, Mind and Society

For UCL Staff and Students only.

This online event, run by the SHS Health, Mind and Society initiative, highlights the contributions of UCL research in Social and Historical Sciences to the study of mind, mental health, mental illness, and diverse approaches to intervention as contextualized within unique cultures and histories.

Speakers are as follows and there will be time for Q&A between topics:

  • Joseph Calabrese (Anthropology): Cultural Diversity and Mental Health: Findings from Embedded Clinical Ethnography
  • Charlotte Hawkins (Anthropology): A Situated Approach to Mental Health: A Discussion from Kampala, Uganda
  • Angus Gowland (History): Historicizing Concepts of Mental Health and Illness: The Case of Early Modern Europe
  • Ishtar Govia (IAS): Dementia Care Improvement in Lower- and Middle-Income Countries
  • Carrie Ryan (Anthropology): Spiralling from Loneliness and Re-Integration as Care: A Biosocial Anthropological Approach to Mental Health in Old Age
  • Megan Vaughan (IAS): Concluding Discussion

The session will be recorded and available to view after the event.