Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences


Professor Megan Vaughan

Academic position:Professor of African History and Health

Department: IAS

Email: megan.vaughan@ucl.ac.uk

Website: Dr Joseph Calabrese


Professor Vaughan trained as a historian of Africa, but her work has always been interdisciplinary. Most of her primary research has been in Malawi and Zambia and has focused on food, health and nutrition and the consequences of colonialism. Prof. Vaughan works collaboratively with scholars in the Southern African region and has taught at the Universities of Malawi, Oxford and Cambridge before joining UCL.

Research Projects:

  • Heads a Wellcome Trust funded project on the historical and social aspects of Chronic Disease in Africa.
  • Research on food, metabolism and chronic disease in Africa.
  • A long-term research interest in colonial and postcolonial psychiatry in Africa.


  • Contributions to Masters in Global Health