Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences


Dr Noémi Tousignant

Academic position: Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies

Department: Science & Technology Studies

Email: n.tousignant@ucl.ac.uk

Website: Dr Noémi Tousignant


Dr Tousignant is a historian and ethnographer of health and science in West Africa, particularly Senegal. Dr Tousignant joined the UCL's Science and Technology Studies Department in 2018 as a Wellcome Trust University Award holder. Her research focuses on the intersections of techno-science and inequalities in health and her current project is about West African liver cancer as both a locus of global techno-scientific progress and as a persistent cause of local suffering and death. 

Research Projects:

  • History and ethnography of West African liver cancer
  • Ethnography of epidemic legacies in East and West Africa
  • Global history of measles in the vaccination age, West African case studies
  • History of the expanded programme on immunization in East and West Africa


  • HPSC0002 Disease in History (UG)
  • HPSCXXXX Health, Difference and Inequality (PG)