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Why choose our department?

The department is one of the oldest in the country and we pride ourselves on the friendly atmosphere conducive to combining learning the complexities of biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology with doing all the things that students expect at University. Our aim is to allow all students to maximise their potential. The department has an excellent academic record and is proud that our students progress effortlessly into higher degrees or a variety of interesting jobs. 

All enquiries should be addressed to the Undergraduate Administrator who will be happy to help:

Open Days

Dates of the next UCL open days can be found here  UCL Open Day and the  University of London Open Days


We invite all students who interest us (and who are currently resident in the UK) to an interview combined with an open day. This is not as onerous as it sounds and it can actually work to your advantage as well as giving you the chance to meet students and members of staff and to look around the College. At interview we make notes on your performance and this is used when we make final decisions once we have received your A-level results. If you have fallen a little short of our offer but we have good notes about your performance at interview it is often possible to allow admission.

If you are resident overseas you will not be invited to interview; your application will be considered on the basis of the information and reference supplied on your UCAS form.

Can I transfer from another university?

First year entry is the norm but if you are looking to enter into the second year of a programme, perhaps transferring from another University, remember that you must tell your tutors that you wish to transfer and you must complete a UCAS form. Second year entry is by no means guaranteed as first year course taken elsewhere must match those studied at UCL.

Are my qualifications acceptable to UCL?

Please see the UCL page about Undergraduate Entrance Requirements

The majority of UK students take A-levels or Scottish Highers. The International Baccalaureate is also a common option. We have many applications from students with qualifications, equivalent to A-levels, from other countries.

Students who perhaps have unusual qualifications or older ones that don't quite match our requirements might consider a foundation course. For international students in this position the College runs a University Preparatory Certificate in Science and Engineering (UPCSE).

There is also an English language proficiency requirement for applicants whose first language is not English. Further information is available.

If you have any queries about whether you meet our entry requirements, please feel free to email us .

What are we looking for in an application?

Your UCAS form should be a reflection of yourself. Clearly we wish to see a high level of academic performance but also we would like to learn something about you from the form. Part of our decision to invite for interview is based on the comments of your referee but the personal statement is also very important. Tell us something about your motivation to study your chosen subject, what excites you, what areas of your curriculum have you particularly enjoyed. It is also nice to see what you like to do outside of School or College: sports, music, drama...whatever you do when you don't have your head in the books!

There will be a number of times in your life when you will have to make decisions that may influence the rest of your life. Choosing a university and degree programme is one of them. Take your time, don't be pressurised and make the decision that is right for YOU.

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