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The Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience’s Prof Uta Frith is elected as the next President of the British Science Association

Huge congratulations to Prof Uta Frith who has been announced as the next president for the British Science Association. The British Science Association is a charity who want to create a world where science is at the heart of society and culture through engaging more people with science.

Prof Frith will launch her presidency at the British Science Festival in September this year which will take place in Brighton. In her presidential address she will take about her currently favourite topic: what makes us social?  She will argue that humans have cooperated for millenia, precariously balancing trust and mistrust in others. The problem is to know where to place our trust as errors and biases beset not only our gut feelings but also our reasoning. Uta argues that diversity provides a solution for groups to overcome these biases to make the ‘right’ choices. 

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Embrace exhibition to help raise funds for new UCL Institute of Immunity and Transplantation

Embrace, a new exhibition opened this week at the Saatchi Gallery. The show, by Aisha Cahn, a contemporary British artist, is inspired by the science of cells, and the narrative of her mother's experience with cancer. Despite cancer eventually taking her life, the way in which she and Aisha approached the terminal prognosis together, was one of positivity, achieved through advanced medical treatment, faith and spirituality.

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Faculty professors win major Wellcome awards

Congratulations to Professors Christiana Ruhrberg (Institute of Ophthalmology) Mike Cheetham (IoO), Matteo Carandini (IoO), Kenneth Harris (Institute of Neurology) and John O'Keefe (IoN), who have recently been awarded significant grants from Wellcome for their research. These grants represent in particular, both individually and together, a monumental achievement for the Institute of Ophthalmology; each research project undertaken has the potential to greatly impact and transform the field of brain sciences and beyond.

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The UCL Huntington’s Disease Centre opens

The new UCL Huntington’s Disease Centre at UCL Institute of Neurology was officially opened on Wednesday 1st March 2017, by UCL President and Provost Professor Michael Arthur and Huntington’s Disease family member Amanda Staveley.

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Professor Geoffrey Raisman

It is with deepest regret and sympathy that we announce the death of Professor Geoffrey Raisman. A pioneer in his field, Professor Raisman joined the Department of Brain Repair and Rehabilitation at the Institute of Neurology (IoN) in 2005, where he established a dedicated Spinal Repair Unit.

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New Director of MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL

UCL and the Medical Research Council (MRC) are pleased to announce the appointment of Nish Chaturvedi, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, as the new Director of the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL. The MRC National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD) which lies at the heart of the Unit’s work is the oldest of the British birth cohorts. Established in 1946, the lifelong commitment and enthusiastic engagement of its study members have resulted in major advances in our understanding of life course influences on health and social wellbeing.

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Iceland delivers on £10m pledge to UCL Dementia Research

Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation has made an initial donation of £3 million to support the development of the hub of the UK Dementia Research Institute at UCL, the go-ahead for which was announced in December. 

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Wellcome invests £24.1M in Research Centres at UCL

Wellcome has today announced funding for two Wellcome Trust Centres at UCL. Wellcome Centres aim to advance our understanding of health and disease, and span fundamental and social sciences, clinical research and engineering.

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Cannabis review from Division of Psychiatry published in Nature

A systematic review on the effects of cannabis on the brain’s reward system which was carried out by Dr Michael Bloomfield and colleagues from the Division of Psychiatry,features on the front cover of Nature this month.

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Prize awarded to Faculty Dean for research achievements

The Dean of UCL’s Faculty of Brain Sciences, Professor Alan Thompson, was awarded a prize by the the Fundación Esclerosis Múltiple Madrid (FEMM - Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Madrid) earlier this month.

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UCL researchers receive prestigious grant for schizophrenia research

Dr Elvira Bramon and Dr Johan Hilge Thygesen, both of the UCL Division of Psychiatry, have won the Margaret Temple grant for schizophrenia research. This was awarded by the British Medical Association (BMA) at a ceremony on Tuesday 22 November. Involving 14,000 participants, their research will investigate rare genetic variants that increase schizophrenia risk and their influence on brain function and structure.

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UCL’s innovative retail coalition celebrates first anniversary

UCL is today marking one year since the launch of the innovative retail coalition inspired by Malcolm Walker of Iceland Foods to address the dementia challenge. Since the coalition was created nine UK retailers have committed to support UCL in its fight against dementia, initially pledging in the region of £20 million. In the first year alone, the partnership has already raised around £10 million – equivalent to the sale of around 200 million carrier bags.

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