UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences



CASMI aims to create a national network of academics and professional specialists committed to understanding and developing better and more sustainable means of effecting medical innovation. 

CASMI represents an opportunity to showcase Fellows’ work, foster links to encourage interdisciplinary and interinstitutional research and scholarship, highlight and organise relevant meetings and influence policy and practice.

Becoming a CASMI Fellow offers an attractive opportunity for broader engagement with colleagues within related fields of work and interest.

Expectations of CASMI Fellows
Benefits for CASMI Fellows

Current CASMI Fellows

Dr Amanda Begley amanda.begley@uclpartners.com
Professor Kay Davies kay.davies@dpag.ox.ac.uk
Professor Andrew Farmer andrew.farmer@exeter.ox.ac.uk
Professor Robert Horne r.horne@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Michael Parker michael.parker@ethox.ox.ac.uk
Professor Quentin Pankhurst q.pankhurst@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Rosalind Raine r.raine@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Rachel Batterham r.batterham@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Mark Cunningham mark.cunningham@tcd.ie
Christopher Exeter cexeter@me.com
Professor Liam Grover L.M.Grover@bham.ac.uk
Professor Alan David Hughes alun.hughes@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Zisis Kolakidis z.kozlakidis@ucl.ac.uk
Consultant Navin Ramachandran navinramachandran@nhs.net
Professor Anne Schilder a.schilder@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Andrew J Krentz  ajkrentz@doctors.org.uk
Professor Andrew Dick  a.dick@ucl.ac.uk 
Dr Jo Gibbs  jo.gibbs@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Xiao Liu  xiao@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Nikhil Sharma  nikhil.sharma@ucl.ac.uk
Professor Geraint Thomas  g.thomas@ucl.ac.uk
Dr Stuart Faulkner  stuart.faulkner@casmi.org.uk
Professor Richard Barker  richard.barker@casmi.org.uk
Dr Suzanne Li  suzanne.ii@casmi.org.uk
Dr Liz Morrell  liz.morrell@casmi.org.uk
Dr Elin Haf Davies elinhaf.davies@casmi.org.uk
Professor Nick Fahy  nicholas.fahy@gtc.ox.ac.uk