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Name: Mike Rowson Email:
Title: Mr Tel: 020 7905 2839
Department: Faculty of Pop Health Sciences Fax:
Position: Faculty Tutor Address: UCL Institute of Child Health, 30 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1EH
Research Domain: Global Health, Human Wellbeing, Populations & Lifelong Health Web Page: Personal Web Page


Research Description

My research and teaching interests are related to the policy and political economy of global health, including: global health governance; health care markets in developing countries; the impact of economic change on health outcomes; and conflict and health.

Research Activities

Teaching global health

health systems

relationship between health and development

Education Description


CIHD3001  International Health Policy

CIHD3002 Health, Poverty and Development

CIHD3003 Conflict, Humanitarianism and Health

MBBS Year 2 SSC Hitchhikers Guide to Global Health

MBBS Year 5 Child and Family Health with Dermatology Module (Public/global health component)


CIHDG042 Health Systems in a Global Context

CIHDG036 Power and Politics in Global Health

CIHDG038 Conflict,Humanitarianism and Health

CIHDG039 Global Health and Development: Emerging Policy Debates

CIHDG014 Health Management: Planning and Programme Design

I also contribute to the M(Res) Security Science (Global Security Challenges module) and the MSc Global Migration (Issues in Global Migration module)

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