SLMS CPD/Online Education Workshop

To showcase innovation and share good practice and provide guidance in development of CPD programmes.

The programme included a mix of presentations and workshops designed to help us build a 'toolkit' for setting up CPD programmes.

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    (m4v and Lecturecast files via Echo Centre) 

Professor Tim McHugh
Introduction (m4v)


Prof Anthony Smith
The importance of CPD to UCL's Teaching and Learning agenda (m4v)

Prof Chris O’Callaghan
Multi-media medical education (m4v)

Prof Owen Epstein and Tim Rayne
Answers in Medicine (Lecturecast start at 00:49:15 minutes)

Dr Susan Hopkins
Engaging and Interacting Online with Adult Distance Learners

Dominic Black and Matt Jenner
PELP and UCLeXtend (powerpoint)

Prof Jane Dacre
CPD for Medical Revalidation (m4v)

Prof Stephen Caddick
An institutional perspective on CPD (powerpoint)

Prof Sir John Tooke
SLMS CPD Vision (powerpoint)


Dr Clive Young
Preparing material for online courses

Prof Tim McHugh
Introducing the credit bearing short course programme

Dr Ann Griffin
Blended learning approaches for CPD (powerpoint)

Dr Rosalind Duhs
Assessment to enhance learning (powerpoint)

Dr Joyce Harper
Recognition for teaching (powerpoint)

Dr Chris Louca
Meeting the needs of mandatory CPD

Workshop Reports

A report of the event by Dr Rosalind Duhs is available via the Teaching and Learning Portal here:

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