The first meeting of the SLMS Education Domain was held in November 2012. 

The committee is working on two areas of SLMS Education: the student experience and educational leadership.  

With regard to the student experience we have set up a sub committee looking at e-learning as a compliment to traditional teaching methods. We are also developing ‘the life course of a student’ which is looking at engagement with students before and after they are at UCL. This includes inviting schools into UCL and for UCL lecturers to visit schools, developing relationships with alumni and also developing links with companies. One aim is to establish institute and divisional career days with alumni sharing their career paths since leaving UCL and companies discussing the wider choice of careers for the UCL graduate.

In the future we aim to look at assessment and feedback. With regard to educational leadership, we are setting up a sub committee to develop a metric for teaching. In the near future we will host educational awareness events.