UCL is a world-class, research-led, multi-faculty university, consciously and deliberately global and wide-ranging in its reach and ambition.

UCL's School of Life and Medical Sciences hosts many undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and is committed to providing a research-led and student-centred learning experience.

SLMS Education Domain

The SLMS Education Domain supports efforts to nurture educational leadership across the School, and to facilitate a teaching and learning environment and culture that engages our best researchers in the SLMS educational mission.

It aims to identify and develop innovative educational practice, and share this with all those who teach, or are interested in becoming involved in teaching and learning across the School.

Education for Global Citizenship

We strive for excellence and are committed to making a difference in the world; our aim is to provide an educational environment that reflects these values and supports our students to develop in the round.

We believe that a university can and should aim to shape students’ personal and social development, as well as encourage their intellectual growth. There are numerous ways that these skills are developed at UCL: through paid work experience, voluntary work, activities with clubs and societies or independent travel.

This is what we mean when we talk of a UCL ‘education for global citizenship’: the term encapsulates all that we do at UCL to enable our students to respond to the intellectual, social and personal challenges that they will encounter throughout their future lives and careers.

Fitness to Practise

Students on professional training programmes are expected to conduct themselves and to behave in a professional manner at all times, both at UCL, in the workplace and in their conduct outside of work, in line with the professional codes of practice that apply to their discipline.

Professional programmes have a duty to the public to ensure that students seeking to enrol and students who are enrolled meet the relevant standards of professional conduct.

In the first instance programmes at UCL will always seek to support students and to find ways to resolve any issues. Where this is not possible, and serious concerns remain, programmes may refer students to a Fitness to Practise panel.

Within SLMS there are two Fitness to Practise panels – one for students in the Medical School, and the other for students on all other professional programmes in SLMS.

More details about the ways in which programmes manage concerns about Fitness to Practise can be found in the student guides:

Full details of the Fitness to Practice procedure can be downloaded here:

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