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The Vice Provost (Health), the Office of the Vice Provost (Health), Faculty Deans and Faculty Managers are based in Maple House, Suite 1A, 149 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7NF


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University College London
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London WC1E 6BT

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Office of the Vice Provost (Health) contacts

Office of the Vice Provost (Health) contacts

Vice Provost (Health)

Vice Provost (Health) Prof David Lomas


SLMS Executive Officer  Rachel Fishwick r.fishwick[at]

Academic Careers Office

Grand Challenge Studentships Administrator Anna Hindley  a.hindley[at]
Academic Careers Office Administrator Sarah Mackilligin s.mackilligin[at]


Communications Manager Morgan Williams morgan.williams[at]

Clinical Research Support Centre

Joint Research Office Contact a JRO Coordinator  
Contact other JRO staff  
UCL Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre Contact us
UCLH/UCL Clinical Research Facility generalcrf[at]  
The Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit at UCL Contact us

Finance and Business Affairs

SLMS Finance Director Louise Dudley


PA: Dragana Krsic: d.krsic[at]

Accounts Assistant  Danielle Elliott-Sakeyfio d.barnor[at]
Stores Manager Clive Berry c.berry[at]
Senior Management Accountant  Ian Davis ian.davis[at]
SIFT Manager Melanie Hill  m.hill[at]
Management Accountant  Ian Johnston i.johnston[at]
Senior Management Accountant Susan McPheat s.mcpheat[at]
SIFT Administrator Gayani Silva        
Accounts Assistant Tazmeraz Rahman  tazmeraz.rahman[at]
Management Accountant Pam Reel p.reel[at]
Management Accountant  Parma Sidhu  p.sidhu[at]

Partnerships and Projects

Partnerships and Projects Manager Rebecca Whitham r.whitham[at]
Partnerships and Projects Assistant Miranda Bell miranda.bell[at]
Partnerships and Projects Coordinator Susan Gillespie susan.gillespie[at]
Partnerships and Projects Officer Rosie Pigott rosie.pigott[at]

Research Coordination

Claire Glen Head of Research Coordination c.glen[at]
Clarissa Edwards
Strategic Research Facilitator
Cassie Harley-Boyce Communications and
Events Officer
Rachel Heatley Communications and
Events Officer
Ruth Jamieson Strategic Coordinator - Personalised Medicine r.jamieson[at]
Matt Wakelin Strategic Coordinator - Neuroscience m.wakelin[at]
Sarah Welsher
Strategic Coordinator - Populations and Lifelong Health s.welsher[at]
Claire Westwood
Strategic Research Facilitator claire.westwood[at]
David Wiseman
Research Coordinator - Infection, Immunology and Inflammation d.wiseman[at]

Translational Research Office

Translational Research Office Contact us

Staffing and Office Management

Manager, Staffing and General Administration Vanessa Havercroft v.havercroft[at]

Office Administrator and DEOLO

Louise Duncan


Faculty contacts

Faculty contacts

Dean, Faculty of Medical Sciences
Prof David Lomas


EA: Jasmine Childs-Fegredo:[at]

Dean, Faculty of Population Health Sciences Prof Graham Hart 


EA: Eleanor Day:[at]

Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences Prof Geraint Rees


EA: Paula Saikko: p.saikko[at]

Dean, Faculty of Brain Sciences  Prof Alan Thompson 


EA: Victoria Walker: victoria.walker[at]

Faculty Manager, Medical Sciences Edna Murphy


EA: Jasmine Childs-Fegredo:[at]

Faculty Manager, Population Health Sciences Paul Phibbs


EA: Eleanor Day:[at]

Faculty Manager, Life Sciences Loren Moyse


EA: Paula Saikko: p.saikko[at]

Faculty Manager, Brain Sciences Geoff Dunk


EA: Victoria Walker: victoria.walker[at]

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