Academic Careers Office

School of Life & Medical Sciences
University College London
1st Floor Maple House
149 Tottenham Court Road
London W1T 7NF

Professor Geraint Rees
Director of the Academic Careers Office

Geraint is Director of the Academic Careers Office and is a neurologist and neuroscientist at UCL. He is passionately committed to developing clinical academic training in the UK and contributes widely to policy and engagement in this area both in UCL and nationally.

Sarah Mackilligin
Clinical Academic Training Coordinator

Sarah supports a number of clinical academic trainees including the NIHR Academic Clinical Fellows and NIHR Clinical Lecturers. Through liaison with the London Deanery, Sarah is responsible for setting -up cohort-specific training events and administers the NIHR bursary and MSc training fund.

Elena Bedisti
Elena Bedisti
Academic Careers Office Operations Manager (BRC)        Tel: 0207 679 6635

Elena supports the education and clinical academic activities within the UCLH/BRC focused on experimental medicine.  She is involved in developing existing teaching and training provision associated with clinical academic training across SLMS and the BRC.

Professor David McAlpine
Lead, Grand Challenge Studentships

David is the lead on the Grand Challenges Studentship scheme and Director of the Ear Institute.  The GCS supports cross-disciplinary research and encourages students to develop radical solutions to complex problems, through fostering links and collaborations that cut across traditional boundaries.

Anna Hindley
Graduate Operations Manager

Anna is the Administrator for the Grand Challenges Studentship Scheme and for SLMS Graduate Funding.  An administrator with many years experience at UCL, she is keen to support individuals pursuing an academic career within SLMS.

Kay Mitchell
Kay Mitchell
Acting Managing Director, CNMR 

Kay is the Acting Managing Director of the Centre for Nurse and Midwife led Research at UCL. She developed the concept for the Centre in collaboration with former UCLH Deputy Chief Nurse (Head of Nursing Surgery and Cancer Board) Sheila Adam. After securing start-up funding she embarked on setting it up in 2010.

Anne Buroker
Anne Buroker
Research Facilitator, CNMR

Anne is the Research Facilitator for the Centre for Nurses and Midwife led Research at UCL. She works alongside Kay Mitchell advising research strategies to nurses, midwives, and allied health professionals. She comes from UCLH where she oversaw the sponsorship review and approvals of research studies across a wide range of disciplines.

Sarah Hayden
Administrator, CNMR

Sarah is the Administrator for the Centre for Nurse and Midwife led Research at UCL. She supports both Kay and Anne with the day to day running of the department by providing all the administration and PA duties. Sarah is also responsible for the CNMR website.

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