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We aim to provide bespoke clinical academic training opportunities that fully develops an individual’s potential as a research leader of the future.

Like all NIHR ACF posts, UCL’s posts offer three months per annum protected research time over the three year duration of the posts, which all offer run-through training in the advertised speciality.

How the protected research time is arranged differs between individual programmes.

In general it is offered as block release of three months as in our experience this provides sufficient time to fully engage with host laboratories.

Individual programmes have the flexibility to vary this according to local needs (including those of the trainees).

  • 3 year duration of post
  • 3 months per annum for protected research time
  • Block release of 3 months

Research Training Programme

The Research Training Programme is delivered through individual training schemes, customising central provision and supplementing this with local initiatives.

The central provision includes generic skills training through the:

Success Rate

Since 2006, our programmes have delivered a very high success rate (85%) in terms of the primary objective of ACF programmes in obtaining peer-reviewed competitive research funding to continue an academic career.

The range and diversity of outcomes from a similar range and diversity of incoming individuals demonstrates that the flexible ad-hominem approach we take is highly effective in developing different individuals to their full potential.


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