Finding Your Funding


Sometimes your supervisor will have access to funding that can support you, but it is much commoner to apply for a personal Fellowship. UCL has one of the largest portfolios of clinical research training fellowships from major funders like the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research (UK), the MRC, and the Wellcome Trust; as well as many of the smaller charities. There are a wide variety of Fellowships available and they vary in the stage of training for which they are appropriate, the length of support offered and the type of support. Some are specific to particular academic topics or clinical disciplines. You need to make sure that you have discussed potential funding sources with your supervisor. It will take time to develop a Fellowship proposal, and after submitting a proposal it will take several months for the funder to make a decision on whether to shortlist and interview you, so you need to leave enough time. Remember you will also need to contact the postgraduate Deanery to plan Out of Programme Experience, which should be done when you apply for a Fellowship and not when you finally secure one! The list below includes most of the charities and research councils that offer clinical academic training fellowships, with links to their websites where you can find details of the eligibility criteria and application deadlines.


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